In Delhi, A 23-year-old Woman Was Killed In What Police Describe Is An Act Of Jealous Rage

According to writer Hemani Bhandari, 23-year-old Dolly Babbar was killed in Delhi in Dwarka’s Bindapur area when she was stabbed to death three times. Although other news site provides different details and say at 1:20 AM, a food delivery driver alerted an emergency response driver who had been driving in the Bindapur area that he saw Babbar’s body. Some reports say when law enforcement arrived, Babbar was found dead in a pool of blood and taken to the hospital where hospital staff confirmed her death and that she was stabbed around six times at 2:15 AM.

What is agreed on is that local police believe the suspect who took her life was her former boyfriend, with whom she had broken up.  Reports say Dolly informed her grandmother at 11.30 p.m. of her plan to visit a friend’s home for a cake-cutting event, and expected to return in an hour. 

However, three men whom she had known attacked her not too far from her home. Police say the three men where arrested. And Dolly’s father, Sudarshan Kumar Babbar, told Bhandari that there was video footage showing the three men as they approached her one of them was reportedly Dolly’s ex,

Two accused were nabbed from Dwarka Mor, while another from Dwarka Sec-23 for killing Dolly Babber

And when she discovered that her ex was the one with the knife, she hid behind the other two of the men as her ex proceeded to stab her. 

“In the CCTV footage, three men are visible. We know all of them as they stay in the same area and have been friends with Kishu [Dolly’s nickname] [her father said. “One of them attacked her with a knife, after which she ran towards our street, bleeding from her arm. She then called her friend for help. Within minutes, this man returned and struck her again. The three of them then fled.”

Reports say some local residents heard Dolly in a heated argument with someone on the phone, and that when she yelled for help, no one came to assist her.

“She called her friend for help, who then immediately alerted us. But my wife was half asleep and didn’t take it seriously,” Dolly’s father said. “Now, she [mother] will not be able to forgive herself.”

Apparently, police awakened Dolly’s parents at 2.30 a.m. and drove them to the crime scene.

 “I saw my daughter bleeding and sitting on the road face down. I don’t know whether she was alive or dead, but the police called for an ambulance, which came an hour late, and we just kept sitting there looking at her body from a distance,” said her father.

Dolly was an aspiring model and had planned to marry another man.  

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