In a courtroom sketch, Jane Doe #5 is cross-examined by Deveraux Cannick as she testifies during R. Kelly's trial at Brooklyn's Federal District Court in New York on Aug. 24, 2021. Jane Rosenberg / Reuters

Warning this story contains details of sexual assault and domestic violence.  I will update news on Kelly’s trial here and there.

What was disturbing testimony on Wednesday in the R. Kelly trial, “Jane” Doe # 5, on redirect by the prosecution, told the jury that the singer engaged in repeated acts of degrading psychological, sexual, and physical abuse toward her.

The singer’s accuser said the two dated for five years which started when she was 17. Near the end of the accuser’s testimony on Wednesday, Kelly’s defense lawyer scored what appeared valuable facts about how the accuser, now 23, appeared to lie about facts regarding her involvement with the singer.

Kelly’s lawyer (read the previous story here) offered evidence to the jury in which the accuser’s parents reportedly told her to (what Kelly’s defense team believes) blackmail the singer by taking pictures with him for different purposes for their gains.

The woman read parts of a letter that frankly seemed odd given that she and Kelly had an ongoing sexual relationship.  In one of the letters, the woman told the singer that if he didn’t have sex with her, she would accuse him of rape.

 “I desperately wanted you to want me how I craved you,” the letter said. “If you don’t bring back that dick, I’m going to tell everyone you’ve raped me… since I was a minor… You’re not trying to seduce me, and that makes me want you even more.”

In another letter, Kelly’s accuser said she would spank herself with force for stealing his personal items. “These were the statements the defendant [ Kelly] made me write,” she told the jury.  

Most disturbing, if true, was when the woman testified that Kelly made her eat feces and smear it on her face as punishment.  He allegedly recorded the act.

Similar to Kelly’s other accusers, “Jane” Doe #5″ said the singer demanded she calls him “Daddy,” and if she disobeyed, she received beatings. 

In a courtroom sketch, R. Kelly watches as Jane Doe #5 is cross-examined by Deveraux Cannick as she reads letters she wrote to her parents on Aug. 25, 2021. Jane Rosenberg / Reuters

His accuser told the jury that during another incident in which Kelly discovered that she revealed details of their sexual life to Kelly’s girlfriends, the singer, who goes by the nickname “The Pied Piper of R&B,” forced her to have sex with someone known as “Nephew” as a punishment while Kelly reportedly recorded the act on his IPad.

“Jane,” said she moved in with Kelly in 2015 and traveled the country with him and Kelly’s other girlfriends. “Jane” admitted that her parents were aware and approved of the arrangement.   

Many of Kelly’s accusers said he was controlling, information that “Jane” echoed.  She told the jury Kelly’s rules were clear such as conversations had to be limited to topics as hair, nails, and TV shows. “If it was anything outside of that, we would get in trouble,” Jane testified.

Yet, when Kelly’s lawyer crossed examined her, she admitted that Kelly, in the end, did not keep her hostage as she initially said.  

Kelly is being changed with one charge of racketeering based on sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping and forced labor, and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, which prohibits transporting anyone across state lines for prostitution.    He was arrested in July 2019.  Kelly had denied all charges.

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