In the co-main event on Showtime Boxing, David Morrell Jr. dominated Kevin Henderson in round four to retain his title

by spicyray

Going into the fight against Kelvin Henderson, on Saturday at the Armoy in Mpls, Mn, WBA champ David Morrell said he wanted to perform in front of his adopted hometown in Minneapolis, Mn, and that he did.  The fight was the co-feature of the main event that pitted Steven Fulton against Danny Roman on Showtime Boxing.

At the start of round one, it was unquestionable that Morrell was going to take control as the battle went on.  Morrell jabbed Henderson’s body and head with ease.   Although Henderson kept his guard high and countered well at times, his blows were not enough to make Morrell take notice. Morrell opened a cut around Henderson’s left eye.

In round 2, Morrell continued to jab, faint, and land good body shots. Although Henderson didn’t have the strength to keep Morrell off, he was able to land a good left to Morrell’s head, which made Morrell pause for a second.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

By round 3, Henderson stood his ground in the middle of the ring with his defense high, but it was a matter of time before Morrell took command again and he backed Henderson to the ropes with hard blows to the head and body.  Henderson was hurt by a flurry of blows and uppercuts which promoted the referee to keep a close eye on Henderson before the round ended given how seriously hurt Henderson was. 

 “I’m glad that Henderson has the confidence that he thinks he’s going to win. I appreciate that” Morrell said before the fight. “ But it’s a shame that he’s going to go home with a loss. I’m happy that he’s confident like that because we’re going to put on a great show. But at the same time, when he says that he’s going to come and win, that’s not going to happen.”

In the final round, it didn’t take Morrell, 24, long to close the show. Although Henderson tried to give the impression that Morrell didn’t disturb him, the reality was Morrell’s psychological dominance in combination with his skills bothered Henderson. Every time Morrell inched in with his gloves ready to unleash, it was clear Henderson’s demise was overdue.    

And when the time came, Morrell sent the sellout crowd of 4,695 in a frenzy when he delivered tremendous blows to Henderson’s head and body until the referee jumped in at 2:35 and stopped the fight.  With the win, Morrell improved to (7-0, 6 KOs), while Henderson dropped to (15-1-1, 11 KOs) Before the fight, Morrell said he understood the importance of putting on a show.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

“This fight is all about opening more doors for me. In more than one way. First of all, this is my first time fighting on SHOWTIME. I won’t take that for granted. I know that if I perform well on this stage, doors will open for me with SHOWTIME and with my career. Winning this fight is going to allow me to fulfill the projects and the fights that I want to have later on in my career and later on this year.”

Henderson said he felt the fight shouldn’t have been stopped. “We’re good. It’s part of the game. I got cut, but I feel good otherwise.  We knew that he wanted to come out strong like he did, but we wanted to show that his punches weren’t doing anything.  Unfortunately, I’ve been hit harder. Even though his punches were heavy, it wasn’t anything that was really that heavy. I just got caught with some punches and the referee called it.”

“I’m a fighter at heart and I compete so when he stopped the fight, I was upset. But I understand. The referee is just doing his job.

the Judges’ cards before the fight ended

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