Interesting Places To Visit In Serbia

by Katarina Stamenkovic
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Serbia is a small country with a long history, divine nature, and dozens of mind-blowing places. The Serbian hospitality, and great local food with a large selection of local specialties, will unquestionably enhance your impression of this beautiful land. As a Serbian resident, I often forget how charming my country is. Despite the historical problems, wars, and political disagreements, I am proud to say there are many worth-to-see places here.

Here are some places that will surely make you gasp in amazement.

Novi Sad- Name of Mary Church

The Name of Mary church is the first catholic church in a city called Novi Sad. The church was built in the first decade of the 18th century and is located at the main town square. Locals in Novi Sad love to call this church a cathedral, even though it’s not that. To many, this Catholic church might seem like an ordinary church. But, the inside is remarkable, and fascinating. Even though most of the Serbian population is Orthodox, this NEO-gothic building represents a part of their history. Namely, the North of Serbia, including Novi Sad, was under the influence of Austro-Hungary. Today, this building represents the main spot where locals meet and start their night out.

Sremski Karlovci

Places to Visit in Serbia

An hour from the capital, and a few minutes from Novi Sad, is a small vineyard town named Sremski Karlovci. The picture will show you an Orthodox cathedral, as well as the patriarchal court building right next to it. The patriarchal court contains a Museum of the Serbian Orthodox church where tourists could see valuable historical monuments.

The main attraction at Sremski Karlovci is definitely the first Serbian gymnasium (Karlovačka gimnazija) opened in the late 18th century. Many of the most significant Serbian masterminds, scientists, and writers went to this exact gymnasium.

However, one of the most exciting things in Sremski Karlovci for tourists is the Fountain of four Lions. There is a legend related to this fountain. The legend says that anyone who drinks water from one of four faucets will surely return to Karlovci and get married.

Niš Fortress

Places to Visit in Serbia


Located at the center of Niš, the fortress certainly takes the breath away of everyone who sees it. Niš is the wealthiest historic town in south Serbia, containing monuments from different time frames. This fortress was built to keep the locals safe in the Middle Ages when the Ottoman empire took over the territory. This monument includes a huge complex that overlooks the river Nišava. Tourists can take a walk inside the fortress’ park, enjoy a drink at local bars, and see the mosque and many other archeological founding.

Nisville Jazz Festival

Places to Visit in Serbia

The Skull tower

Since Niš is a city with the most interesting history, I must mention both the Skull tower monument and the Red Cross concentration camp. These buildings are from different periods but enrich the Serbian culture. The Skull tower (Ćele Kula in Serbian) is a monument standing to remind the Serbian population of a horrible time between 1809 and 1812. After beating the Serbs at the battle of Čegar, the Ottoman ruler ordered his soldiers to take the skulls of dead Serbian warriors and build a wall. This wall should have frightened the Serbs back then to behave and not try to take over their own land Places to Visit in Serbia.

Crveni Krst concentration camp

This concentration camp pulls roots from the 1940s. The German Nazis then established it. Crveni Krst (Red Cross) used to be a place where captured Serbs, Jews, and Romanis were tortured, starved, and lived in horrible conditions. Places to Visit in Serbia. The Red Cross concentration camp is open for visitors. Tourists can enter the cells and see how captured people lived. This is a facility with over thirty-five thousand inmates. As a memorial to those who have lost their lives there, the concentration camp is still preserved. The park Bubanj Monument is also a monument at the other part of the city, intended for the victims of WW2.

Besides these main attractions, Serbia can offer great national parks full of fresh air and untouched flora and fauna. The locals here are charming and will indeed offer you to eat meze (Serbian appetizer) and drink rakia (alcoholic Serbian drink) with them.  As a nation that likes to have fun, you will certainly get to enjoy our Serbian original songs and folk music. Thank you for taking the time to explore Serbia virtually. But words and pictures mean nothing, come here on vacation and see how much the locals are kind and friendly.

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