Los Angeles was recently struck by the violent robbery of Lady Gaga’s dogs in broad daylight. Investigation into the matter has led to the arrest of five people, including the woman who returned the dogs after some time. The arrests were made on the 27th of April, more than two months after the violent robbery. According to the Los Angeles Police detectives, the perpetrators of the shooting and robbery may not have known who the dogs belonged to. They believe that the motive behind the robbery had to do more with the breed of the dogs, as French bulldogs can end up selling for thousands of dollars.

How the Robbery Went Down

The robbery took place on the 24th of February. Ryan Fischer was on a stroll with Gaga’s three dogs – Koji, Asia, and Gustav, in Hollywood near Sunset Boulevard. Footage captured by a doorbell camera of a nearby property showed a white sedan pulling up next to Fischer, with two men getting out and confronting Fischer.

They struggled with the dog walker before firing a single shot and fleeing the scene with Koji and Gustav. Fischer was left bleeding on the sidewalk, with the camera also capturing his screams.

Fischer repeatedly screamed, “Help me!”, “Oh, my God! I’ve been shot!” and “I’m bleeding out of my chest!” He is currently recovering from the wound in what has been called a serious attempt on his life.

The Arrests

Lady Gaga was not in the country at that time, as she was busy filming in Rome. She immediately announced a $500,000 reward for the safe return of her dogs, offering a “no questions asked” stipulation.

It took just two days for the dogs to be returned. They were handed over to the LAPD by a woman who, according to the police, was believed to be “uninvolved and unassociated” with the theft and shooting and incident. Furthermore, it was not sure if the woman had been given the reward offered by the singer.

The woman was later identified as 50-year-old Jennifer McBride and was revealed to be in a relationship with the father of one of the prime suspects in the case.  The police moved quickly to arrest Jaylin White, 19; James Jackson, 18; and Lafayette Whaley, 27, on suspicion of robbery and attempted murder.

40-year-old Harold White, Jaylin’s father, was arrested and McBride on suspicion of being accessories to the robbery and attempted murder. All five are known gang members, according to the LAPD.

According to online jail records, the suspects were charged by the District Attorney’s Office and are currently being held with a $1 million bail each.

Lady Gaga has not yet released a public statement on the arrests by herself or through a spokesperson. Her party has entertained no requests for comments. Authorities believe the chapter has been closed on the violent incident that left a man fighting for his life.

It might be some time before the suspects are appropriately tried and prosecuted.

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