The Israel-Palestine tensions have been escalating over the last few days as events in Sheik Jarrah continued to unfold. Supporters within Israel, East Jerusalem, and the occupied West Bank held protests in solidarity with the Palestinian community. They refused eviction orders from Israeli courts that would force 40 Palestinians, including 10 children, to move out of their homes. The Israeli courts consider the territory as seized by Israel, but the annexation is otherwise unrecognized.

The following day, Israeli forces stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque compound or Temple Mount, a prominent Islamic holy site, using tear gas, rubber bullets, and stun grenades against unarmed Palestinians. Hundreds of people were injured and hospitalized.

According to the Gaza health authorities, 201 Palestinians have died since clashes erupted last week, including 58 children and 34 women. More than 1,235 others were wounded.

‘No place is safe in Gaza.’

“My children couldn’t sleep all night even after the wave of intensive bombing stopped,” said 50-year-old Umm-e-Naeem, a mother of five, as she went to get bread in Gaza City after the latest Israeli airstrikes. “What is happening to us is too much, but Jerusalem deserves all the sacrifices Israel-Palestine Crisis: Gaza Under Attack.”

Israel-Palestine Crisis: Gaza Under Attack

Another Palestinian named Hadidi lost his wife, three children, brother and sister-in-law, and four children in the strike on Saturday.

 “They didn’t do anything bad to anyone. They were looking for a happy place to celebrate Eid, Hadidi said, crying: “What were they punished for?”

On 15th May 2021 Israeli military, which has been bombarding Gaza for a week now, gave only a phone warning to people residing in the Gaza Media tower. To evacuate the building before it was attacked by fighter jets.

“Years of memories, years of work in this building, suddenly, everything is rubble,” said al-Kahlout, about the tower from whose roof he often broadcast from. “Just vanished Israel-Palestine Crisis: Gaza Under Attack.”

‘Silencing Palestinians on social media platforms’

How Israel bombed Al-Jalaa tower

Palestinians are under siege not only in Gaza but also on social media. The bombing of al-Jalaa is broadly seen as an effort to “silence” journalists reporting Israel’s assault.

Palestinian voices continue to be suppressed online as well by the disappearance of hashtags, banning ads for activities promoting Palestinian causes, and the suspension of Palestinian social media accounts.

Several Palestinian activists and people posting activities in Jerusalem on Instagram and Facebook found their posts deleted. And according to Facebook, the Arabic hashtags Al Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah were “mistakenly restricted Israel-Palestine Crisis: Gaza Under Attack.”

 ‘It is a genocide.’

Israel-Palestine Crisis: Gaza Under Attack

Protesters march in defense of Palestine around the world during the worst Israeli-Palestinian violence since the 2014 Gaza conflict. Thousands assemble in cities worldwide to condemn Israeli strikes on Gaza, from Turkey and Iran to London and Berlin.

“It is genocide” protesters condemn Israel and rally in favor of Palestinians.

According to Pakistan’s human rights minister, the case is not a “conflict” but rather a “massacre” committed by an “occupation power.”

According to New York Times, the crisis entered its second week. Yet, United Nations Security Council meeting made no progress in settling it. Israeli warplanes resume their attacks on the innocent people in Gaza.

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Gaza Refugee Camp and Media Offices Bomb Attack


  1. May Allah have mercy on all the people suffering from this genocide ans brutality and bring an end to this barbarism ..ameen

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