Jamaican Cult Leader Kevin Smith Was Killed While Being Taken Into Police Custody

Jamaican cult leader Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, who was called a Jamaican cult leader, was killed in a car accident this week as he was transported to a local police station in Kingston. Several police members were also hurt in the accident and taken to the hospital, in which one died. 

On October 17, the pastor was arrested and tt the time of his death, Smith, 39, was to answer questions that he instructed members of his church at Pathways International Kingdom Restoration to commit ritual killing of two of his church members.

According to information, Smith posted a message on his social media informing his churchgoers not to bring their mobile phones to the service that day. But a member stuck in theirs and called the police.  Reports say the scene was gruesome, with two members’ throats slit, while naked men and animals were scheduled to be killed next. 

Some media outlets reported that higher-ranking church members were seen “stabbing” and “slashing” several congregants, in which around 100 people attended and were covered in white robes.  Reportedly, Smith told the members they were on their “heavenly journey.”

After police were alerted, they ambushed  Smith’s church, located in Montego Bay.  And from all accounts, the events in the church were hectic when some police officers were shot at and assaulted by a man holding a knife in which the individual was killed. 

Antony Anderson of the Jamaica Constabulary Force told Reuters media outlet.  “A member of this church had been apparently injured when she chose to disobey some instructions given to her by the leaders of the organization.”

It’s being reported that police removed 14 children, and 31 women and 11 men were taken into custody. 

Those who know Smith said the pastor was born in Kingston and attended Jamaica College, where he enrolled in theological school.

Most experts who study cults say cult leaders can influence their members who are suffering from certain disadvantages, especially those with psychological difficulties.  But the most critical factor in how a cult leader controls their potential victim is by lavishing the required member with praise that the person has unique abilities that no other has, and showering them with unweaving attention, in which the person believes their higher power brought the cult leader into their lives.

On average, most cult followers are known to be raised in troubled family homes.  And by the time they join a cult, they have few support systems outside of other members within that group.  Also, a high percentage of cult followers have struggled with ongoing drug issues, making them vulnerable to a cult leader’s influence through intimidation and coercion. 

Membership in a cult also increases the risk of sexual violence and incest.   Siena Fontanesi has studied the dynamics of cult influence once said in media reports.  “Women are way more likely to be recruited into a cult,” Fontanesi said. “… Women are the majority of cult members, and men are the majority of cult leaders. It definitely changes the overall experience. Cults are very 1950s about everything. Women are inferior, so you probably aren’t having the best time.” 

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