law of attraction

We live in a world that is governed by so many laws. There is the law of gravity, the law of thermodynamics, but more importantly, there is the Law of Attraction. YES, this law is more significant than any other that exists in our world. It works with our mind to create every outcome we experience in our daily lives. If this isn’t powerful, then I don’t know what is!

What is the Law of Attraction?

In plain terms, the Law of Attraction states that everything we attract into our lives is a direct result of our focus. That means that we attract to ourselves the things we think about. Whatever we think about, whether negative or positive, we are setting things in motion to bring them to pass.

Sadly, not many people have come to the realization of the kind of power their minds possess. The Law of Attraction is a mechanism for creation. It is how we constantly shape our reality on a day-to-day basis. Everything that has happened, or will ever happen, results from the thoughts we have put out into the universe.

In a way, we are all artists. Given blank canvasses to paint just exactly what art we want to see. Whatever is the outcome of the painting, you get the credit.  If you wish to see a beautiful masterpiece, you have to paint it just how you want it. Also, if what you get is an ugly eyesore, it is exactly what you made. But the good news is, if you hate the picture you see, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!                

How to Use The Law of Attraction

Our thoughts are powerful, and we must be deliberate about what we think. We are always in the act of creating our world; there are no pauses or breaks in our thinking. The law of attraction works by manifesting what we are ALWAYS thinking about, so there must exist a deliberate effort to keep our thoughts aligned with what we want from the universe.

Always bear in mind that negative thoughts attract adverse outcomes. If you keep thinking about the things you DON’T want, you will likely get exactly that. But when you focus on the positive and fix your thoughts on them, that is what the universe will give you. ALWAYS focus on the things you actually DO want.

So yes. Stop thinking, “I don’t want to have an accident on my journey,” and start thinking, “I will get to my destination without any accidents.” And make sure your emotions align with what you are thinking. You cannot think positively and feel fear. It is contradictory and won’t produce the outcome you desire.

Simply put, when you make requests to the universe, positive thoughts must go with positive emotions. If it is wealth you want, set your thoughts on that and practice how you will feel when the wealth starts coming. Envision the credit alerts flowing in, and feel free to write down the amount you want to see yearly. The same applies to love and relationships.

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