It was a Friday evening when Max saw his old friends sitting at the side road of their town’s cafe. It was the start of the spring, and everyone was out to celebrate the annual spring carnival, something that the town has been doing for many years. It’s been three years since Max’s father died in a car accident. He and his family left the town a few months after the accident. Max struggled all this time to move on from his broken heart and the emptiness that his father left behind.  

After almost two years, Max has decided to revisit his hometown and connect with it again to find himself back. While he walks down the street, he comes across every bit of memory that he spent with his father and his childhood friends in their town. 

 As he moves ahead, his gaze sets upon a toy house, where he and his father used to come every month.  

“There is your reward for being a good boy Max,” his father used to say and buy him his favorite toy. This was his favorite time of the month, going to the toy shop with his father.  

Reminiscing the old patches of his past, he feels a pinch of heaviness in his heart like gravity has settled in the rushing of the blood through his veins, more than ever. Taking deep breaths, he moves forward to his friends.  

Watching how happy they seem, he greets them with joy. All of his friends greet him warmly and surprisingly, knowing the fact that they are seeing him after almost two years.  

“So, how has it been?” Margaret, in her red leather jacket and dark brown hair, asks. 

“Yes, Max, how are you, man, and how’s the fam?” Tony said while rubbing his glasses from the tissue paper.  

“Well, it’s all a new normal now for everyone in the home. Guess it will eventually work out. How are you guys?” Max talks back.  

“We are trying to get into our new normal with you and our favorite gang spot around this town,” Walker says in a heavy voice  

“The Max Kitchen,” Margaret talks back.  

“How can we forget it, Max? Your dad always used to give us amazing leftovers for free. May God rest the soul of your old Man, bro. He was the best” Tony pats, Max.  

The gang talks all night, and now everyone is going back to their homes. Max greets everyone and moves towards his car. 

Max is leaving the next morning back to the city. On the way to the Motel where Max is staying, he stops at the town cemetery.  

He puts a box of leftovers from the family dinner on the grave of his father with a note that says, 

 Dear Dad,  

I have gathered my leftovers from our town. Without your warm plates of food and hugs, the whole world seems nothing but a chilled winter season, but I am not giving up. I know it’s life, and all you have is the leftovers of the memories of your loved ones. So once again, thank you for being there and helping me be a strong person. I miss you. Rest in the heavens.  



Max leaves the cemetery and heads back to his car with a smile that embraces a broken heart that mends itself into whole again.  

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