Letter Of 1955 – Zack is lying on the hospital bed, with a food pipe passing directly into his stomach. He is a patient with gastric cancer in his early nineties. It is the age where one struggles between hospital rooms and routine checkups almost every day. In his early years, he was a storekeeper and eldest of five siblings. Being an orphan and alone in his early twenties, Zack focused on the lives of his siblings and later his own children all his life.  

Letter Of 1955

Lying on the hospital bed staring at the ceiling with the clamor of hospital daily hustle, Zack mused over the time when he was a kid, how carefree it all was for him and how he was being loved by his parents and looking up to for a life of his dreams of becoming a pilot. Everything of that time he was carefree and used to enjoy every little leisure of his life flashed back to his tired eyes —going to the beaches, playing in the rain, making snowmen in winter, and the time when he heard the car accident that took the life of his parents Letter Of 1955.  


He gets up and asks the nurse to get him a pen and a paper. The nurse gets Zack what he asked for. With his slow, shaky movement, he wrote a letter to his younger self: 

Dear Zack,  

Life is the most amazing gift you will ever get. After all these years, and memories the only thing I could tell you is to live. Live while you can because life has a cunning way of leading us all into the darkest as well as the brightest corners. Letter Of 1955 We don’t choose what life offers, but we most certainly enjoy life as a choice. No matter where you are, no matter how big or small, every bit of life is a gift, and you are ought to make the most of it. Dear Zack, I know things can get tricky and days filled with responsibilities and sacrifices, but remember one must never forget the most important thing in this life, the love of life, the love that we share with our loved ones, and the love that is not bound to time and space. I wish I could go easy on you and run after what you always dreamt of, but life just had me there where I couldn’t escape its labyrinth. After all these years, the only thing that I want to whisper in your heart is to love freely, fiercely, and limitlessly because if life moves on anyway, why not live the hell out of it.  

Later on that day, the nurse finds Zack sleeping peacefully with a letter in his hand. She calls the doctor, and the whole hospital comes to know that Mr. Zack is no longer with us.  

On the day of his funeral, his youngest and most favorite granddaughter has a letter in her hands, with 1955 written on it. She gets up and moves towards the coffin watching his grandfather sleeping peacefully as a baby among the whole family.  

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