Mayor Lovely Warren’s Husband Is Arrested on Drug Charges Weeks before Early Voting

Mayor Lovely Warren

Being a politician is challenging because of credibility issues, and questionable motives for Mayor Lovely Warren of Rochester, N.Y., last week hasn’t helped her dispel this image.

According to a story by Sarah Maslin Nir and Troy Closson of the New York Times, Mayor Lovely Warren’s husband, Timothy Granison, was pulled over by law enforcement during a traffic stop when they discovered that  Granisoin, 42, had “31 grams of powder in his possession that the police believe is cocaine — as well as a semiautomatic rifle and an unregistered handgun in Ms. Warren’s home,” wrote Nir and Closson.

 Warren hopes to retain her seat as Mayor for the third time, and early voting is on June 22nd   Warren, who says she and her husband are separated but co-parent their 10-year-old daughter,  had questions about the motives of the county lawyers.  “

I find the timing of yesterday’s events, three weeks before early voting starts, to be highly suspicious. There’s nothing implicating me in these charges today because I’ve done nothing wrong,” she said during a news conference. “I haven’t spoken to Tim since his arrest, and I’m not standing here to defend him. Again, we had a separation agreement that was signed years ago, and we made a conscious decision to co-parent in the best interests of our daughter, to provide her the love and support she deserves.”

Mayor Lovely Warren’s Husband is arrested

Monroe County district attorney Sandra Doorley said the timing [ of Granisoin’s arrest] had nothing to do with early voting.  “I’m sure there are going to be people out there who think this was politically motivated,” Ms. Doorley said. “It was not.”

Warren was accused by county prosecutors that she engaged in illegal financial fraud during her 2017 campaign, for which Warren has pleaded not guilty.  

Granison had been under a seven-month investigation at the time he and six others were arrested last week.  Warren claims to have no prior knowledge of her husband’s and the other’s illogical actions and she is not under investigation; however, she is set to interview with law enforcement next week. 

Regardless, Doorley said Granisoin was involved in a midlevel drug operation after it was discovered that “more than two kilograms of crack cocaine and powder, worth about $60,000, as well as more than $100,000 in cash, was recovered across the properties of all the individuals alleged in the crime.  

Granisoin pleaded not guilty to one count of criminal possession of a firearm and two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and is currently released from jail.

Mayor Lovey during her press conference after her husband’s arrest

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