Nollywood Actress Lizzy Eke Refuses To Sleep Around For Career Advancement

by spicyray

It’s well-known in the entertainment world that breaking into the business is tough, if not almost impossible.  And that’s why aspiring actors and musicians often sleep with someone in the business as leverage.

 Take the R. Kelly trial. Those following the circus heard testimony from countless of his victims who said the disgraced 54-year-old enticed them with potential music careers if they engage in horrific sexual acts with him.  Nollywood Actress Lizzy Eke 

For many years, there have been rumors that famed music producer Quincy Jones sexually assaulted singer Tevin Campbell before giving Campbell a record deal. 

And this is why Nigerian actress Ekeanyanwu Elizabeth has paid careful attention to these situations.  During an interview with NollyNow, actress Lizzy Eke said her values would never allow her to sleep her way to the top.

“Being a beautiful and attractive lady, you will always meet people who want to destroy you in the name of sleeping with me to make you famous,” she said during a recent interview. “They will promise to feature you in their productions, and once I decline such an immoral act, they will stop calling me for jobs.” Nollywood Actress Lizzy Eke

Eke credits faith as the primary reason for guiding her on the right path.  “I have faced a lot of challenges in my career, such that I promised myself I will rather wait for God to announce me at His own time than to follow the easy way to fame,” she said.

The actress won the award for Best Make-Up at the CMC Africa Awards 2018. Her movie credits include Marketing Babes; Family Value; Super story; Bone of the Righteous; Safe; Love and Stitches; Holding Hope; Lent; Act of a Pregnant Wife; Bad Blood; iPhone 7; City Girl; to mention but a few.

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