Organization Skills For The Overwhelmed

A tiny number of people have good organization skills. Organizing various items in life can be learned. However, it can be quite a demanding process, but not an impossible one.

Certain activities can significantly improve the way things work out for you daily. Once you turn those simple activities into habits, you will become a “naturally” organized person for whom everything works well in life. With that being said, you will get more free time which you can use for reading, learning, watching movies, socializing or any of your favorite hobbies.

Here are some organizational tips for all of the overwhelmed people out there. These tips will absolutely make your life a lot easier.

The power of a habit

A successful person is a person who manages to maintain a level of discipline, organization, and efficiency over a long period. This is achieved through habits.

Efficiency and organization are habits and should be acquired. To establish a habit, you will need an anchor or a trigger that will activate a specific action. For example, when you receive your monthly bills, do not immediately throw them on the table but classify them. You can sort them into “urgent bills” or into a category of bills that can be paid later on.

The same thing goes for emails. If you are a very busy person who receives many emails daily, sorting them out can be quite a headache. So, as soon as you receive an email, immediately sort it out, answer the urgent ones, delete the unnecessary ones. Don’t let the number of unopened emails in your inbox drown you.

If you keep doing this constantly, or whenever something new pops up, you will build your way up to becoming a successfully organized person. The key is to build a habit that will then make you do certain things right away.

The smaller the bites, the bigger the efficiency

One of the main reasons why procrastination happens is because you are not taking things slowly. Not having one bite at a time can lead to exhaustion and procrastination.

We often observe a specific project in its entirety, and it can sometimes seem impossible to us to do it on time. However, suppose we divide this project into smaller bites, which we can easily eat in a short period. In that case, the project will be done much faster without any delay.

The To-Do list is a fantastic way to break one job into smaller parts or steps and eventually do the whole job much faster.

In his “Eat that frog” book, Brian Tracy has mentioned that any challenging project could be split into many more manageable steps. On top of that, starting your day with a complex project could bring you better efficiency. As Brian said, eating the larger, grosser frog first will eventually take you less time than if you did it at the end of your workday. That’s another tip you should focus on- always do the more challenging things first.

Write everything down, and plan ahead

And, one more thing for the end is that you should write everything down. Our brain tends to put everything written down into action. So, if we make a To-Do list or use our daily planner, our brain will make room and provide us with the energy needed to fulfill the written task.

If you want to become an organized person, get yourself a portable planner, or download an app on your phone. Take the time at the end of each day to plan the next day ahead. That way, you will know how much stuff you should focus on in the future and eventually make time for everything. Try to put the most demanding tasks at the very top of your daily planner’s list so that you get the motivation to focus on them first.

Log Out

There will be distractions on the way

You may often be interrupt or distracted by certain things. While you cannot influence all of those distractions, you can control yourself by only spending a certain amount of time on those interruptions.

The whole point is to turn bad habits into good ones and learn how to manage your time. Then, your life will become indescribably easier and brighter.

The organization is the key to success!

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