Part 2 Getting to Know Saudi Arabia



One of the first of its kind, King Abdullah Economic City is a megaproject announced in 2005 by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the former king of Saudi Arabia. The city’s total cost is around SR 207 billion.  The city has multiple residential areas, which act as the perfect summer houses for many. There are free gyms available for residents as well as 24-hour security guards.

etting to Know Saudi Arabia

A popular Saudi Arabian grocery chain store called Panda is the closest mall providing everyday necessities. It has a 24-hour medical center, three exclusive beaches, and many multi-cultural foods; the city is busy all year long. If you don’t have family or friends staying here, visitors can make reservations to explore the place through the KAEC website. The city takes extreme precautions with its security detail which has 24-hour protection and a fast response time.

The city is located along the sandy coast of the Red Sea, and it can get extremely humid in the summers. It has many sea resorts and houses the famous King Abdullah Port moving cargoes. The city has hosted A-list celebrities such as  Mariah Carey, Zedd, and  Bryan Adams.  The city held its first women-only gold tournament while famous golfers like Graeme McDowell and Victor Perez competed in the Royal Greens Gold and Country Club tournament last year. The city is set to expand its attractions and hold more events.etting to Know Saudi Arabia


Situated in the first ring road is The Al Hada Cable Car Resort and El-Kar village in the Al Hada area. They start from the highest spot from the Ramada Al Hada hotel in the upper station of the cable cars and pass through many steep mountains and ingenious roads displaying spectacular outlines of the city. The tourist attraction also has activities such as water games, summer ski games, rope challenges, restaurants, shops, and public facilities at the village of al-Kar. Apart from Ramada—many five-star restaurants and suites greet its visitors.

etting to Know Saudi Arabia

It’s located 2000 feet above sea level, where you can drive to the top of the mountain for the cable car journey, or you can rest up the roadside and enjoy famous Arabic Qahwa, an aromatic drink made from spiced coffee and cardamom. The beautiful skyline is marked by rising mountains and zig-zag roads that stretch throughout the area.etting to Know Saudi Arabia


etting to Know Saudi Arabia

True to its tagline, “where the world comes to shop,” this shopping chain is beloved by many expatriates as well as Saudi Arabians. It is owned by the Indian billionaire and businessman M.A. Yussuf Ali who became the first Indian to issued premium residency. etting to Know Saudi Arabia

Mr. Ali is originally from Kerala, a South Indian state, and the mall observes many Kerala fests like Onam or other religious festivals. The food section serves delicious Indian snacks like bhel puri or samosas, and from my experience as an Indian expatriate, it is the hub of after-school hangouts with your friends.  Overall, the mall has a friendly, welcoming environment.


etting to Know Saudi Arabia

Located just off Al Kurnaysh Road on Jeddah’s north corniche, Fakieh aquarium is the best way to explore the underwater within the safety of the land. Acting as the only aquarium available for public display in Saudi Arabia, it hosts more than 200 underwater species inside its sprawling tunnels and blue interiors, including Sharks, String Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Sea Horses, Murrays, Dolphin or Sea Lion Shows. The sharks and penguins are audience favorites. Swimming through the tunnels in deep blue waters in well-lit spaces are bulky guitarfish, zebra sharks, or sand tiger sharks.

So, now that I have given you an overview of my city, hopefully, you can come and enjoy the many, many, many beautiful people, attractions, and great adventurous of  Saudi Arabia

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