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According to recent reports, a wave of crime in Guayaquil took place in Ecuador, and local police believe the victims’ deaths resulted from police seizing 9.6 tons of cocaine. This was one of Guayaquil’s massive drug busts in recent years.  Law enforcement released a video in which officers discovered cocaine in what looked like a water bottle and a seller.  In addition, they found the cocaine carefully package in 9,500 bricks, as criminals were prepared to send it to Mexico and the United States.

After the drugs were discovered and their intended distribution locations were known, police said 7 people were killed a few hours later.  Law enforcement said a man on a motorcycle killed two men, and the following day, two more men were massacred.  

Police Coronel Henry Tapia told El Universo news that “lower criminal gangs, not a larger criminal organization, were searching for those responsible for the loss of the cocaine shipment.”

News reports say on August 15, six men with flak jacks fired a series of bullets, killing a man who was 24, who allegedly had a criminal history that involved some form of drugs.   The man was said to be a family member of a former gang leader of Lagartos, one of Ecuador’s notorious criminal enterprises. After the 24-year-old man was murdered, another man was killed later that evening. In June this year, Ecuador police said a man on a motorcycle killed a port worker, and when police arrived at the scene, the victim’s truck had $26,000.

Typically, gangs in Ecuador used warehouses to transport drugs because they rely on port workers to load the drugs on boats and aircraft heading north.

Law enforcement told the media that four days before the port worker was killed, they infiltrated their second significant bust in which tons of drugs were discovered.

Ecuador is used for drugs because Colombia and Peru have extensive shipping capabilities.

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