Pregnant Woman Hit Motorist On Purpose, Pulled Her Gun And Was Killed By Victim

by spicyray

Pregnant woman hit motorist on purpose, then pulled her gun and was killed by her victim

In an overall sad story circulating on the internet, 35-year-old Sara-Nicole Morales was killed after she hit a man on a motorcycle and fled.   According to reports, Morales intentionally stuck  Andrew Derr;  when Derr attempted to have her wait until police arrived, Morales sped off and drove to her home in Orange City, Florida. 

According to an eyewitness who followed Derr to Morales’ home,  Morales went inside and returned with a gun.   Law enforcement later released audio where Morales told a 911 operator that Derr and two other men were intimating her. “You’re three men. You followed me. Leave me alone,” Morales is heard screaming on the call. 

Seconds after Morales flashed her weapon, Derr pulled his gun and fired, killing her instantly.  Derr had a permit to carry the gun. Morales’ family told Fox 35 that she was five months pregnant and had an 11-year-old daughter and a fiancé.

Andrew Derr

When law enforcement reached the scene, body camera video showed a chaotic environment. They ordered Derr, 40,  to the ground at gunpoint. “I’m not moving. Please don’t shoot me,” Derr is heard telling the officers.  He added, “That girl tried to kill me. She pointed a gun at me. …I’m so sorry,” as police officers placed handcuffs on him.  Derr could also be heard urging   officers to take it easy on him and said, “‘I didn’t do anything wrong but defend myself.” 

The witness said Morales indeed pointed her gun at Derr first and that he fired in self-defense.  Morales has been a librarian since 2019.  Derr was said to be cooperating with law enforcement. As of Tuesday, he has not been charged in connection with Morales’ death. 

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