Psychology of Minorities

by spicyray

Did you know that suicide rates have increased dramatically since 2010 for all races and ethnicities in America?

We all know how much-mistreated minorities are globally, and unfortunately, this includes big names. Several incidents come to light every day, and the actions taken against them are next to nil. Due to being habitual of living in misery and being mistreated, minorities suffer in silence, which eventually takes a toll on their mental health.

Here are some racial disparities minorities suffer, and how it affects their mental well-being

Lack of Religious Freedom

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Man’s religious sentiments are deeply instilled in his subconscious. If anyone tries to stop them from practicing their religion, it definitely impacts their mental health.

The religious disparity is common against minorities. Sometimes they speak up against it, but mostly they choose to practice their beliefs in silence. This silence eventually makes them indifferent to their feelings.

Religious places are sabotaged everywhere, which is an open proof of religious injustices. Somewhere people burned down a mosque; in another part of the world, a temple is taken down. No one is ready to think about the sentiments associated with these holy places and what will affect believers.

Being Bullied

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Sadly, minorities experience mistreatment even from the preschool age. They have been mocked, ridiculed, and made fun of. Despite being born in the same land, they feel like outcasts. Their innocent minds grow up with the sense of being ‘not wanted’ by society.

Being bullied early caused them to suffer from many health issues as they grew up, like depression, anxiety, and stress. Some teens and young children even turn out to be suicidal.


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We all the famous movement ‘Black lives matter.’ This massive outpouring of riots isn’t just because of one innocent black man wrongfully killed. The reaction was long due to hundreds and thousands of such cases in the past. Still, a black man, even a teen, can’t move without fear of being taken down in a white neighborhood.

This is not only happening in America but all over the world. Many Muslims are killed in India due to the criminal stigma. In Pakistan, people lynch minorities to death for alleged blasphemous comments. Imagine the mental well-being of a person going through this in such a state.

Not being represented

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There is very little or even no minority representation in most government houses of the world. They suffer from various injustices and have their own societal issues, but there is no one to listen to them and take their voices to the ones that run the country. Imagine living in a space where you’re being treated the worst, you have no escape, and you have someone to complain to. Imagine the mental trauma of not being heard.

Not given equal opportunities

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Society looks at minorities as outcasts, educational institutions, and workplaces.

Suppose a student of minority gets admission to any reputable university on a merit basis. In that case, he will be ridiculed and belittled. After experiencing such a hostile environment, many students refrain from going to the learning institutions regularly, and some even leave their studies altogether. If this isn’t snatching one’s opportunity, then what is?

The same thing is happening in corporate houses and the work sector. Employers don’t prefer to hire minorities, and even if they do, peer mistreatment affects their productivity. Some people leave their jobs, and others get fired; who would work in a place where you’re seen as a pariah?

The growing unemployment rate in the minorities sector is due to this reason. Lack of opportunities, along with lack of resources, accounts for troubled mental health.

The truth is that we live in a world where we are indifferent to each other’s emotions, and when it comes to minorities, we even become hostile.

Mental health issues are rising in every society, and the ones affected the most are minorities when even small kids are affected. The irony is that the condition of our world hasn’t changed for minorities, and for years their mental state is at stake.

The condition worsens when people stop speaking up. They suffer in silence, and their children learn to be silent from them. The troubling thing is that therapy is not even an option for most of them, and they live their whole life bottling up their emotions.

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