R Kelly Allegedly Had Sex With An Underage Man And Allegedly Raped A 17-year-old Girl At A Concert

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Warning: This story contains details of sexual assault and domestic violence.  I will update news on Kelly’s trial here and there.

On Monday, in singer R. Kelly’s trial, the jury heard about how the 54-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting more underage kids at the time.  


R Kelly Allegedly Had Sex
Witness “Addie” points to R. Kelly as she testifies during Kelly’s sex abuse trial at Brooklyn’s Federal District Court in a courtroom sketch in New York, U.S., August 30, 2021. 
REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

A woman who called herself Addie to protect her identity told the jury she met the singer when she was 17, in his dressing room after a concert in Miami in September 1994.  The alleged victim said she and her then 19-year-old friend were approached by two men who brought them backstage.

Kelly autographed her concert program and left his hotel room number on it.   At the time of their interaction, Addie told the jury shortly after the press members left backstage with Kelly when sinter events occurred between her and Kelly.  

She said Kelly played a kissing game with her and her friend before his advances escalated. “I was in front of the counter, and he was behind me,” the woman testified. Kelly “had sex with me unprotected.” According to the woman, her friend watched the sexual encounter when Kelly reportedly grabbed her friend’s hand, trying to persuade her to join, but she refused.

Addie testified that after she and Kelly were done, she and her friend “ran to the door, unlocked the door, and ran out of there.”

The woman told the jury that her friend asked her to file charges against Kelly, but she refused. The woman said she felt concerned that by exposing the singer’s behaviors, her hopes of becoming a dancer in the music world would place her on the “blacklisted.”


R Kelly Allegedly Had Sex
A male witness testifies during R Kelly’s sex abuse trial at Brooklyn’s federal district court in New York on Monday. Photograph: Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

A man who testified under the pseudonym Louis to conceal his identity, told the jury that Kelly sexually assaulted him when he was 17.

Kelly was known for ranching lyrics about “sexing and licking” women up and down throughout his career.  So, when the news broke that the singer was in same-sex behavior, it stunned many. 

Louis said he was employed at a McDonald’s in 2006 when Kelly went through a drive-thru to order food.

Louis said Kelly gave him his number to pass on to the other employee who worked at the McDonald’s that day.   Louis said he kept the number and showed his mother; that’s when his mother called Kelly. According to Louis’ testimony, the singer  invited them to a party at his Olympia Fields, Illinois, house.

Louis told the jury that he went alone to Kelly’s house on another occasion to sample some of his music for Kelly.  Kelly gave Louis a Luke-warm review, and nothing else came out of the meeting at the time.R Kelly Allegedly Had Sex

Louis, however, told the jury that he and Kelly would meet again after watching Kelly play in a basketball game; shortly after that, Louis alleges he and Kelly had their first sexual encounter.

“We sat around and talked for a while,” Louis testified. “He just asked me: What was I willing to do for the music?” Louis told Kelly he would do “crazy” tasks, like carrying the singer’s bags. According to Louis, Kelly followed up with more descriptive questions about fantasies.

“I said, I got fantasies. I told him I had fantasies of two or three girls at one time,” Louis told the jury. “He said, ‘You ever had a fantasy about a man?’ I said no. He crawled down on his knees and proceeded to give me oral sex.” Louis claimed to have told Kelly that he was not into man-to-man sex. “He just told me, ‘Keep it between him and me. We’re family now. We’re brothers,'” Louis told the jury. 

Louis then testified to continued sexual acts with Kelly, in which the singer recorded their sexual encounters. Kelly requested to be called “Daddy,” while Kelly reportedly called Louis his little brother. R Kelly Allegedly Had Sex

Louis testified his last contact with Kelly was in 2018, but before they ended their relationship, the two had a bizarre sexual encounter with a stranger.

“He had come into the [garage], and he snapped his fingers two times, and a young lady crawled out from under the boxing ring.” Louis told the jury that the girl crawled over and performed oral sex on both he and Kelly.

Louis’s testimony also revealed a shocking revelation about himself.

Louis admitted he was arrested for offering money to a potential witness to not testify against the singer.  Louis said Kelly was not involved in the bribery scheme, for which Louis was charged with bribery and pleaded guilty.R Kelly Allegedly Had Sex

 His testimony against Kelly is part of a cooperation agreement with prosecutors in which they would write a letter (usually favorable) to the judge set to handle Louis’ guilty plea.

Kelly, 54, is accused of racketeering on the grounds of kidnapping, sexual exploitation of children, and forced labor. He is also charged with violations of the Mann Act, which prohibits the transport of people across state lines for sex, and allegedly obtaining a fake ID for Aaliyah to marry her.

The Grammy-winning singer has denied the allegations

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