Red Alert! Swimming On Your Period Might Not Be Impossible After All

by Vivian Bens
4 min read


hat’s up, ladies! We all know the crazy feeling of making fun plans for the day, only for a tell-tale drop in your panties. Voila, your period is here! Sometimes, it comes days earlier than you least expect. How about when you planned to hang out at the beach or pool with your friends? Do you cancel your plans and stay sulking at home? Worse, writhing in pain if you’re one of the ladies with painful cramps? Like, how could you even contemplate swimming, thinking you’d leave a pool of blood in your wake?

Now you’re all over Google searching for how to swim when on your period because hang out, you must! Well, the good news is that this is 2022 and you can do almost anything, including swimming while on your period. First off, note that swimming while on your period is safe, hygienic, and certainly won’t attract blood-thirsty sharks for deep-water lovers.

Fun fact: Do you know that your period will stop temporarily when you are in the water? It’s physics. The water pressure will work against the force of gravity, thereby counteracting your blood flow. However, if you sneeze, laugh or cough, the pressure could force some out, but not enough to stain the water.

Nevertheless, you would need some sort of menstrual product for this adventure. For menstrual pads, the challenge is that they would get soaked and become uncomfortable. It’s not an ideal choice.

See 5 simple tips on how to swim on your period…

#1. Use tampons

So, we go to tampons! Just stick in and you’re good to go. A good tampon lasts 4-8 hours, even if you want to spend the whole day swimming, you’d have to change only twice. Also, because it is inside, there’s no danger of anything going in and coming out. That’s a win-win situation! Just make sure you change your tampon once you come out of the water.

#2. Try menstrual cups

Another option would be menstrual cups. These ones are reusable, environmentally friendly, and last for up to 12 hours. That’s way longer than tampons! It’s a good choice if you’ll be swimming or hanging out around the water for a long time.

#3. Waterproof swimsuit


As the name implies, this type of swimwear is waterproof and helps prevent leakage. Considering it’s made of absorbent material, it will hold back the little drops of blood that may pop out when you laugh or sneeze. It’s a great idea to wear this when you want to swim on your period.

#4. Wear dark-colored bikini


This is perfect when the plan is to step out of the water without obvious stains. As stated earlier, the pressure inside the water delays your period while you swim, but that doesn’t mean a stain here and there may not occur. A dark-colored bikini is appropriate, as it prevents obvious stains.

#5. Swim in a shallow and controlled water body


This is for those ladies who enjoy taking a deep plunge in the sea. Sharks are indeed drawn to blood, but menstrual blood isn’t made up of blood alone, and it hasn’t been proven sharks are pulled to period blood either. However, it’s better to remain safe by swimming in a pool or not going too deep into the ocean. This way, a shark is less likely to show up to demand your blood. (We’ve got jokes).

Note: Swimming actually helps reduce cramps. This is because the endorphins released from the exercise act as painkillers.

Keep a bottle of water handy, because you’re likely to get dehydrated faster during swimming.

However, should little droplets of blood flow out, they would be neutralized by the chloroquine in the pool or by the large body of water (lake, river, ocean) and has no risk of infection whatsoever.

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