Reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir

by Aria Khan

In 1947, the partitioned of sub-continent by the British Government held. It was decided that all areas where Muslims were in the majority had the right to form an independent country named Pakistan (it happened due to so many struggles and sacrifices of Muslims) and places where Hindu and people of other religions could form a different country Hindustan (India).

But when the time came to act upon this decision, Hindu leaders took hold of a specific area of Jammu & Kashmir. However, those places have consisted of the Muslim majority. Still, because of Hindu’s brutality and defraud, they didn’t allow Kashmiris to became part of Pakistan.

At the partitioned time, it was decided by the British Government that people of Jammu and Kashmir are free to select in which country they want to patch up; people of Jammu and Kashmir were desirous of emerging with Pakistan, but Hindu leaders started creating complexities in the completion process, and somehow the issue remained unsolved.

 After passing so many years, Kashmeries haven’t got their rights yet. They have not even their fundamental rights there. India imposes its army there and trying to nail the freedom fight of Kashmiris. They started to get their freedom from India’s brutality and its forces.

Reorganization of Jammu & Kashmir
Amit Shaha an  Indian politician currently serving as the Minister of Home Affairs

 Pakistan highlighted the Kashmir issue on international platforms so many times. In United Nations and other forums that stop India from its power show on Kashmiris, all the Kashmiris are humans; they deserve human rights that India is stealing from them.

No matter where he belongs, every person has the right to freedom, freedom of his religion, freedom of living in an independent country where he wants to live. But India continually pressurizes the Kashmiris. For stopping their freedom fight against India, many people have been killed by the Indian army.

Now the Government of India is unwilling to consider and give Kashmiris an independent country. Still, the Indian Government is trying to compress the people and tear Jammu and Kashmir into two pieces. The act of reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir is an example of it.

The Jammu and Kashmir reorganization Act, 2019 is an act that is presented in the Indian parliament; according to this act, reconstitute the state of Jammu and Kashmir (which is mention above) a large region of Kashmir that has been the subject of dispute among India and Pakistan since 1947, into two union territories called Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh on 31 October 2019.

A bill for this act was introduced by the minister of home affairs on 5 August 2019. After passing it in Rajya Sabha, it passed in Lok Sabha on 6 August 2019. It then received the president assent on 9 August 2019.

 In 2021, a bill is presented for the amendment in the act of Jammu and Kashmir reorganization from the ministry of home affairs. Again, in this bill, there is nothing mention in favor of Kashmiris; it all about granting rights to the army who is so-called serving there.  


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