Last Sunday saw a tragedy unfold in Peckham, London BLM Activist in Critical Condition.

Sarah Johnson, age 27, was shot in a private property by a group of men. Ms. Johnson is one of the most prominent Black Lives Matter activists in the UK and had priorly received several death threats because of her activism.

Ms. Johnson gained recognition last year for her role in organizing BLM rallies and protests in the wake of international reaction to the murder of George Floyd. A recognized anti-racism campaigner, Ms. Johnson has been a prominent figure in Oxford, her home city, having set up a BLM protest there last summer.

The incident took place at a party on private property. Ms. Johnson was one of the thirty guests suddenly interrupted by a group of men in “dark clothing” coming into the garden via a side entrance. A melee ensued in which a firearm was discharged, with the bullet striking Ms. Johnson in the head. Another man suffered a knife injury. The gunshot drew local police to the property, with Ms. Johnson rushed to the hospital in a life-threatening condition. She currently remains in critical condition after a successful surgery.

Prominent BLM Activist in Critical Condition after Being Shot

Along with her recognized role in the BLM movement, Ms. Johnson is also part of Taking the Initiative Party’s leadership committee. The party expressed grave concerns about the brutal incident. An official spokesman TTIP declared, “Whilst we understand there is much speculation around the nature of the incident, our priority is Sasha’s health and recovery.” However, the party also claimed that the attack had followed “numerous death threats.”

The police investigation has yet to find any evidence that might suggest that the attack targeted Ms. Johnson. According to their official statement, the shooting was accidental and had followed a scuffle. The police have yet to make arrests and are currently continuing to investigate based on witness testimonies BLM Activist in Critical Condition.

The claims of the police are corroborated by Imran Ayton, a close friend of Ms. Johnson’s. Ms. Ayton does not believe her friend was the “intended victim” and further said, “As far as I am aware… this incident is more related to rival gangs as opposed to her activism.”

Still, the attack has left Ms. Johnson fending for her life, currently in the care of her parents. A mother of two, Ms. Johnson has been described as a “powerful voice,” with her activism for black rights resulting in the Black Lives Matter UK describing her as a “fearless political campaigner.”

Her friends and fellow activists held a vigil in Ruskin Park, right next to King’s College Hospital, where Ms. Johnson was receiving treatment. Her well-wishers played African drums and prayed for her to pull through. One speaker at the vigil described Ms. Johnson as a warrior BLM Activist in Critical Condition.

The incident has left activists, and members of the black community rattled and has led to further criticism of violence. The TTIP has called for cautiousness and awareness as the police investigation continues.

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