Signs of disrespect within a relationship

by spicyray


isrespect is like a virus that influences relationships. If left untreated, this can lead to pain and friction, and even indicate the end of your relationship. Whether it comes in behavior, words, or actions, we have likely all been guilty of disrespecting our significant others.

Disrespect can be difficult to spot. Sometimes we don’t realize it’s taking place.  For example, leaving dirty laundry on the floor and not picking it up until your partner starts giving you a disapproving look, rolling your eyes when your partner makes a mistake or interrupting your partner when they are talking by finishing their sentences.

So, here’s the key question:

Do you feel like your partner doesn’t respect you? Or are they not showing you the kind of respect you deserve? If so, it’s important to act on this feeling, because disrespect can lead to many negative consequences in your relationship.

 Make sure you’re not projecting your insecurities onto your partner by looking for signs of disrespect where there aren’t any. If it’s happening and you feel like talking to your partner about it isn’t going to work, then maybe it’s time to look at other options.

If you don’t know about the signs of disrespect, we have some answers for you. Here are 10 signs:

1.       No privacy:

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The first sign of disrespect is a lack of privacy. This can be an indication that your partner doubts you. They won’t let you have anonymity, and they’re constantly asking to see the texts on your phone or check your social media accounts. If you are experiencing this type of treatment, it is best to talk to your partner about the problem.

2.       Lack of  appreciation:

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Another sign is when your partner does not appreciate what you do for them. Appreciation is something we all want and deserve. Without it, we feel unfulfilled, as if what we’re doing doesn’t matter or isn’t good enough. If your partner doesn’t appreciate the things you do regularly, that’s a bad sign.

3.       Always Interrupt:

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According to experts, this is one of the most common signs of disrespect in a relationship. It can be subtle, especially if your partner interrupts you regularly. Interrupting conveys that what they want to say is more important than what you’re saying, which makes it difficult for a couple to feel connected.

4.       Not Listening:

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Listening is a key part of all healthy relationships. If your partner never seems to take in what you’re saying, it may signify that their respect for you has waned. To build trust and intimacy, it’s important for both parties in a relationship to feel heard. If you feel like you’re talking into thin air, it may be time to reconsider whether this relationship works for you.

5.       Hiding things:

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When we say “hide,” we don’t mean lying about something—we mean keeping something from you because they don’t think it’s important enough to know about. If your partner keeps information from you because they think it would annoy or upset you, that might be an expression of disrespect and lack of trust.

6.       Belittles:

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Do they make fun of your interests or hobbies? If your partner doesn’t think reading comics is cool or watching Game of Thrones is stupid, they don’t respect the things that matter to you! Your partner must support the things that make you happy, as long as it’s not destructive. They don’t want to hear about what’s going on with your friends or family, because they think it’s boring. And when you tell them about something that upsets you, they say things like “it’s not a big deal” or “you’re overreacting.”

7.       Can’t make Decisions:

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Are you never allowed to make decisions? Does your partner always determine where you go on dates, what friends you spend time with, and what clothes you wear? This signifies that your partner doesn’t appreciate your individuality or opinions.

8.       Calls you names:

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Do they call you names when they get mad at you? Do they call you “stupid” or “lazy” or “ugly?” Even if they aren’t aiming to be nasty or offensive, these comments can be extremely hurtful to the person receiving them. Being in a relationship means being able to disagree without being mean.

9.       Take Credit for everything:

One of the common symptoms is if your partner has started taking credit for things that aren’t theirs to take credit for. For example, if they try to take credit for winning a game or completing a project at work when they had very little to do with it, or refuse to acknowledge their role in the problem while trying to blame someone else.

10.     Rolling eyes:

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If your partner rolls their eyes at you and talks about you behind your back, you have a problem. We tend to do this when we feel like someone else isn’t taking us seriously, but it can also come from a place of powerlessness or jealousy. If your partner rolls their eyes at everything you say, they may show disdain—and could be doing the same thing whenever they talk about you with other people.

If any of these signs of disrespect are present in your relationship, it is time to take action, and you can’t just ignore it. Talk to your partner about their behavior, and let them know that they need to change if they want to keep you in the relationship. If they don’t transform it, it’s a good idea to step back.


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