While having children is not the goal for many couples worldwide, it is safe to assume that parenthood is an extraordinary moment for some and a milestone for others. The road is long, complex, and can change the couple’s lives forever. But that road is not that easy for everyone, and several couples from every corner of our civilization suffer from what is known as Infertility.

Many causes have been linked to Infertility, from as complex as drug-hormone interactions for females to as simple as wearing tight underwear for men. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can help boost fertility.

Remedies to Reduce Infertility

More antioxidant foods

Remedies to Reduce Infertility

Many fertility problems are associated with high physical and chemical stress of processed foods and preservatives, hindering your average hormonal balance and sperm production. Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as raspberries, walnuts, strawberries, and blueberries can boost your natural hormonal regulation systems and combat oxidative stress, boosting fertility in the process.

Fewer trans-fats

Remedies to Reduce Infertility

Similar to eating more foods with antioxidant capabilities, it is equally important to cut down on harmful processed foods such as those containing refined sugars and trans fats. This allows your body to fine-tune itself to healthier foods and a balanced diet, boosting your chances of getting pregnant.

Lesser carbs for PCOS

This one is specific for women with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Decreasing your carbohydrate intake and aiming for a healthier weight are essential treatment options for PCOS and often the first recommendations your doctor will make.


Remedies to Reduce Infertility

In our day and age, where processed foods are far more accessible than pure organic produce, a balanced diet is more challenging to maintain. For those of us, adding a multivitamin supplement to our existing diets can help boost fertility. Any multivitamin supplement that mainly contains Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Folate, Vitamin D, and vitamin E are excellent choices.

Maca plant

Remedies to Reduce Infertility

Hailing from Central Peru, the maca plant has shown improvements in Infertility and its extracts in animal-based studies. The jury is still out on human trials, though, as their effect of improving sperm number and quality is currently still under study.

Bee pollen

Remedies to Reduce Infertility

Now, this may sound like an unusual remedy, but ingestion of bee pollen has been shown, at least in animal studies, to not only improve fertility but also boost immunity and energy. Like the maca plant, human trials for its efficacy in improving sperm counts are currently inconclusive Remedies to Reduce Infertility.

Red Raspberry

Remedies to Reduce Infertility

Red Raspberry is a trendy herbal tea that improves menstrual cycle regulation and makes ovulation easier for women to conceive. Raspberry leaf contains the compound ‘Fragine’ that increases uterine wall strength, allowing greater chances of a successful pregnancy Remedies to Reduce Infertility.

Fish oil

Fish oil and other oils containing essential Omega-3 fatty acids are another great way to improve pregnancy chances and help with not only the mother’s but the baby’s health and development as well, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy Remedies to Reduce Infertility.


Successfully getting pregnant is a moment of great joy for a couple, but the road is paved with an obstacle for some. With prompt consultation with your doctor and utilizing home remedies, you can significantly boost your chances of successfully reaching parenthood.

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