Skin Care: Why Facial Extractions Are Important And What They Truly Mean

by Vivian Bens
5 min read


t’s true that deep cleaning rids the skin of any build-up, but only when done right. One of such ways is an expert-procedure facial extraction. But what exactly is a facial extraction, and why is it important to undergo a session yourself? We’ll answer these questions in this article, so pull out your notepad because class is in session.

Once you set your mind to go for a facial extraction, there’s no middle ground: a skin expert is a way to go. So don’t get tempted to book an appointment with the first spa you see pop up on your TL. It may have a counter-productive effect, and we don’t want that. When you get a procedure from a non-licensed dermatologist, chances are you might end up with unwelcome zits on your face. This is because facial extraction isn’t a walk in the park, and it only takes trained personnel to do a thorough job.

So what is a facial extraction?


Simply put, a facial extraction is a procedure that unclogs the pores of sebum and dead skin cells. This can be done manually or mechanically, depending on your dermatologist and/or preference. The manual procedure, as the name implies, is carried out with clean hands, while the mechanical procedure is carried out with a pore extractor. This isn’t a one-off process, because pores continually get clogged up at will. It’s advised to keep it at once or twice a month for best results.

Is facial extraction good for your skin?

When done correctly, extractions can clear closed comedones (i.e. those tiny, flesh-colored bumps that never come to a head, yet refuse to disappear), remove whiteheads and blackheads, and give your skin a newer, fresher base for choice skincare products to penetrate.

If done wrong, a facial extraction could become your worst nightmare. In other words, it could further worsen the situation. So it’s important to have it done by a licensed dermatologist, as stated earlier.

The process

Here’s what you need to know about facial extraction…

The skin expert would clean the skin and steam the face for a few minutes. The purpose of this is to soften the skin. You don’t want to extract anything from hard skin.

Afterward, the expert applies gentle pressure around the pore to extract its content. The dermatologist wears gloves throughout the process, ensuring there’s no direct contact with the face.

The expert focuses on each affected pore by applying pressure on different angles surrounding the affected area.

Most experts prefer to manually extract the pores, except for advanced cases that might require a pore extractor.

What are the benefits of facial extraction?

That’s right! You went from asking what is a facial extraction to what are the benefits? You’re asking all the right questions. Keep going, you’ll find your answers.

#1. Facial extraction terminates blackheads


Blackheads result from clogged pores and shouldn’t be popped at home. It is safer to book an extraction appointment with your dermatologist. The benefits are endless, as this process unclogs pores, and automatically gets rid of blackheads.

#2. They are anti-aging


Not many individuals are in a hurry to embrace wrinkles, and if anything, would rather delay their appearance. Facial extractions offer deep cleaning, which clears out skin impurities and improves oxygen flow. This is ultimately good for collagen production. Did someone say collagen? Yes!

#3. A form of preventive care


If you’re regularly cleaning out impurities from your pores, chances are there will be a drastic improvement in your skin’s health. It helps prevent further breakout, which will ultimately enable you to relax in your Dr. Pimple Popper role and let someone more befitting do their job.

#4. A special kind of rest


It’s not just physical rest, but a mental one where the individual’s confidence/self-esteem is boosted after a well-done extraction. Most experts throw in a face massage after the process, and this helps relax the nerves. A facial massage sounds like music to my ears!

When you ask ‘what is a facial extraction” and search for answers, it shows you are passionate about having great-looking skin. This is one procedure that digs deeper to search for toxic organisms who’ve taken residence beneath your skin––and uproot them.

Be sure to take good care of your skin after the extraction to prevent re-clogging your pores. A facial extraction is like giving you a second chance to improve your lifestyle. Will you take it?

Remember: You shouldn’t try this at home, as you could end up introducing bacteria and its cousins to your skin, making your situation worse.

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