Substitute Teacher Assured of Sexually Assault

by spicyray


ccording to several news reports, Ayanna Davis, a substitute teacher, is in custody after being accused of sexual contact with her former student, who was underage. Two counts she faces are sexual battery by custodians and offenses against students by an authority figure. The Lakeland Police Department in Florida, where the incident took place, charged Davis with two additional counts of sexual battery.

Davis’ inappropriate behaviors came to the attention of law enforcement on Dec. 3rd, after a student at Lakeland High School informed a school police officer about the graphic video circulated on Snapchat. Court documents say other students had also viewed the video.
Rendering to reports, Davis was arrested last Friday, in which she allegedly admitted to having sex with the student, believed to be younger than 17.

Court documents said Davis told them she and the teen had unprotected sex on four occasions, twice at his home and twice at her home. “This is a clear violation of sexual battery laws,” Sheriff Grady Judd told the media. “She was in a position of influence over the victim, and she took advantage of that for her own twisted pleasure.”

Although Davis allegedly confessed, law enforcement has hit a snag during their investigation; they are unable to locate the video. “I know it’s out there someplace,” said Judd. “It always is, and that’s not a good thing. He’s still a juvenile, a child, and she’s an adult, and she had sex, and it’s wrong on every level.”

Davis, who has a degree in English, worked for an agency called Kelly Education. The company assisted Davis with obtaining the position. “The safety of students is our highest priority,” Denise Ridenour, a company representative, said. “Ayanna Davis has been deactivated and cannot accept assignments pending the outcome of the criminal investigation.”

Davis was ordered to post $60,000 in bail, with her initial hearing date set for January 10, 2022. “We expect substitute teachers to uphold the same high standards of conduct and professionalism as our full-time educators,” Superintendent Frederick Heid told the media. “The charges against this person are disgraceful and a complete violation of the trust teachers build with their students. There is no room in our schools for this type of conduct.”

In their recent study (AAUW 2006) on sexual harassment at colleges and universities, the AAUW claimed that while both men and women were targets of sexual harassment, “women are disproportionately negatively affected.”

81% or eight out of 10 students experience sexual harassment in school

83% of girls have been sexually harassed

78% of boys have been sexually harassed

38% of the students were harassed by teachers or school employees

36% of school employees or teachers were harassed by students

42% of school employees or teachers had been harassed by each other

62% of female college students and 61% of male college students report being sexually harassed at their university.

66% of college students know someone personally who was harassed.

10% or fewer of student sexual harassment victims attempt to report their experiences to a university employee.

35% or more of college students who experience sexual harassment do not tell anyone about their experiences.

80% of students who experienced sexual harassment report being harassed by another student or former student.

39% of students who experienced sexual harassment say the incident or incidents occurred in the dorm.

51% of male college students admit to sexually harassing someone in college, with 22% admitting to harassing someone often or occasionally.

31% of female college students admit to harassing someone in college.
Over 70% of LGBT college students have experienced sexual harassment.

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