Teen Pregnancy – What Causes It?

In the developing regions of the world, about 12 million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become mothers every year. And all over the world, complications in the course of Pregnancy rank first on the cause of death for girls between the ages of 15 and 19. Also, teenage mothers are more at risk of systemic infections, eclampsia, and more. This is just a tiny statistic showing how harmful teenage/adolescent Pregnancy can be.

Teenage Pregnancy, also known as adolescent Pregnancy, is Pregnancy in girls between the ages of 10 and 19. The effects of this include dropping out of school, exposure to so many health problems, inadequate care of the child, and so much more. In light of this, let us examine some of Teen pregnancy causes in today’s society.

6 Causes of Teen Pregnancy

1. Culture

Certain societies instigate girls’ early marriage, who are then encouraged to have children immediately. In the countries where this is the norm, the rate of teenage Pregnancy is naturally high.

2. Poverty

Money answers all things, including the basic needs of individuals. In a situation where there are no resources to cater to teenage girls’ needs, they seek ways to bring themselves out of poverty. The most prevalent way is by exchanging their bodies for money. And where there is no adequate knowledge on contraceptives, Pregnancy is inevitable in fertile teens.

3. Sexual Violence/abuse

Various studies have shown that so many girls were abused sexually during their teenage years. About 70% of females who had children as teenagers were abused. This is a staggering statistic showing the extent of damage sexual violence and abuse have caused in society. Teenage girls who are unable to escape constant sexual abuse or become one-time victims of abuse often turn up with Pregnancy they have no knowledge of handling.

4. Peer pressure

So many situations people find themselves in today have been due to the influence of friends and acquaintances. The need to follow the crowd has led many teenagers into unprepared sexual acts without knowledge of safety or protection. In such cases, Pregnancy is nearly inevitable.

5. Media Influence

One of the most influential teachers in our present generation is the media. The exposure of teenagers to unsuitable media content has led many into performing inconceivable acts, sex inclusive.

Parents and guardians’ inability to censor what their children digest on the internet and on television is one of the leading causes of unprepared and unprotected sex, leading to unwanted teenage and adolescent pregnancies.

6. No Knowledge on the Use of Contraceptives

The simple fact is that parents and guardians cannot stop their teenagers from engaging in sexual acts if they make up their mind to. But what can be done is equipping them with the knowledge on how to protect themselves, not only from Sexually Transmitted Diseases but also from unwanted Pregnancy.

Many teenagers are sexually active without learning the need to use contraceptives like birth control and condoms. Creating awareness of the need for these objects will significantly reduce the rate of teenage pregnancies.

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