“Morals and Values? What’s that?” My heart instantly broke as those words came out of the mouth of one of my students.  “ Are you joking, or are you serious?” I began to chuckle as I prepared for her to say she was joking. But to my surprise, that was not her response. “ I’ m serious, Miss Ninah,” she replied.  That day changed my whole perspective and lead to a new epiphany regarding Generation Z.  About 5 years ago, I was working at a high school as a particular education para. My job was to assist the teacher in a classroom that consisted of students classified as suffering from “ODD” (Oppositional Defiant Disorder).

As I went through my training for this position, I learned of different terms used to describe the different behavioral and educational needs and challenges of such students and their meanings. But I wanted to know more. Something that they were not teaching me at this training. I wanted to know “what” could be causing these types of behaviors that were being discussed The Adverse Effects of Entertainment 0n Today’s Youth.

The Adverse Effects of Entertainment 0n Today's Youth

I was able to forge a special bond with one particular student in ways of open communication. I remember one day had seemed to be a real struggle for her, so I invited her to go for a walk around the building with me so we could chat, and I could provide a listening ear because she seemed as if she could really use one at that time. She accepted my offer, and we started walking and talking.

At first, I asked her if she wanted to talk about it or just wanted to walk, and that would be it.  I assured her that I was just there to listen and not to judge her. She immediately started going on about how the teacher wouldn’t let her play music on her phone while they had independent study time. I understood her reason for being upset as I knew that was something the teacher allowed. Each student got to pick a day to play music from their playlist as long as it was appropriate The Adverse Effects of Entertainment 0n Today’s Youth.

The Adverse Effects of Entertainment 0n Today's Youth

She then proceeded to tell me the teacher had an issue with the song due to its inappropriate content. The student expressed to me she didn’t understand what the big deal was. She tried to reason with me as to how there was nothing wrong with it. I asked her to play it for me. I don’t think I listened to any more than about 45 seconds before asking her to turn it off. And then it hit me. This is today’s norm.  The moral of the story is to be careful what you ask for. You just might not be ready.

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Ninah Melendez is a Minnesota native who enjoys assisting others in any way possible, and the reason she has had a career in the healthcare field for 21 years. She owns an independent travel agency and is starting two more small businesses that specialize in organic essential oil blends for healthy hair and skincare and one that offers homemade baked goods. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing poetry, fishing, and creating handcrafted jewelry. Her hope is to pursue her dream of moving to Africa to start her farm so that she may grow and sell healthy organic foods.

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