The Dangers of Social Media

Saving grace or downfall, social media is a mix of both. Amidst the pandemic, online interaction is the only way to keep up with your pals and family. That doesn’t end here; it has raised a different concern, a dissimilar rage to societal expectations, and fighting anyone and anything to get it. The social media bubble will burst, and politics, filters, enrage, and much more will emerge. What we do on Instagram is an explicit image of who we are.

Let’s jump into a few ways social media is dwelling dangers,

Social Media and Human Connection

Before getting into the dangers of social media, it’s important to note why these internet tools are so appealing to us.  Like many animals, humans evolved to be social creatures.  While evolving, we depend on a social circle to survive.   With this in mind, it becomes clear that social media is a powerful tool because of how we’re naturally wired.  Human connection is a direct dopamine hit.  It means social media has a significant risk of addiction, just like caffeine needs hits in the morning.

Vulnerable Minds Against Powerful

The evolution of the internet took a different route.  As the various internet tools became more significant and innovative, the algorithm entered the cyberspace realm.  The content you observe on social media and interact with it.   To do this, artificial intelligence monitors your activity online, so it knows what you’ll be interested in and what it will show you first in any given algorithm. In easier words, just like humans are humans, computers are artificial intelligence.

A Polarized World

This combination of humankind’s predisposition towards social interaction and AI’s powerful tools leads us down a rabbit hole of our own preferences. It’s no wonder we now live in such a polarized world. 

The algorithm is dangerous because it keeps us in bubbles of our own thoughts and beliefs. It’s harder than ever to understand opposing beliefs, and much of that is due to us simply NOT SEEING those other beliefs on the internet (which is where we now spend a lot of our time). 

What You Can Do About It

If the direction of this social landscape worries you, here are a handful of actions you can take to fight against the task and show more than just an addictive echo chamber in your social media feed:

Use alternative search engines that don’t store and use your search history. Privacy above all!

Turn off notifications for social media and news sites.  Try to only set notifications for things that are timely and matter to you.

Good business is good social media usage.

Follow and friend people on social media with whom you disagree to be exposed to other points of view in a non-offensive way.

Don’t click on recommended videos on YouTube and other video websites. 

Choose what you want to watch by searching it yourself. Turn off auto-play!

Put your phone away as soon as you feel the usage is too much.

Turn it off, throw it away, and come back when you are mentally ready.

We have always heard about getting out of our comfort zone. Social media as a mode of business is correct in its way, and you can impact lives with the content you post. But if we talk about online politics and confront chaos later, that’s when the social media bubble will burst. Avoid dwelling in the dangers of social media.

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