Joe Biden

The US President Joe Biden has recently talked about the incredible power competition with China and mentioned Chinese leader Xi Jinping.    Biden, who took over as President of the United States in January of this year, said he felt China “was dominating the battery market,” and Biden wanted to develop plans which included investments that he felt would give the US leverage over what Biden sees as “China’s dominance in that industry.”

In Bien’s joint address to Congress last week.  According to authors Nectar Gan and James Griffiths of  CNN, the said an aide in the room who was taking notes quoted Bien as saying, “My job is to show people that government has a role and that this loss of public trust in government can be rebuilt.. and this is a concrete way we do it.” 

However, China replied to Biden’s speech by saying, “it is the lack of confidence that is being revealed, and America shows its “sour grapes” mentality.  China elaborated it as the “Cold War” thinking and confidently denied the stance of Biden.

China is the emerging competitor of the US, and China is confident in its position and ignored the reactions of Biden.  Chinese leader Xi Jinping believes China has focused on improving its citizens by improving its people’s lives. “The Chinese Communist Party has in recent years grown increasingly confident that China is on an ascendent trajectory and will one day surpass its Western rivals,” wrote  Gan and Griffiths. 

China’s President Xi Jinping applauds during the closing session of the National Peoples Congress (NPC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 11, 2021.

“That view received a boost during the Trump presidency. Despite his tough rhetoric on China, many Chinese nationalists hold the view that by withdrawing the US from global leadership and sowing political and social divisions at home, Trump gave China an opportunity to assert greater leadership in the world.”

The conflict started in June 2018. Xi said when the US and China engaged in a trade war. Xi boldly told senior party, military, and foreign affairs officials that “China had entered the “best time for development since modern times.”

China’s stance is focused on its improvement and development while having little interest in political rivalry and conflicts. And China appears to share its recognition of political and social development plans.    


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