The killing of 27 People in the Afghan Blast on the Day the U.S. Troops Was to Leave Afghanistan

by Ejaz Ahmad22

According to reports, 27 People were killed on Friday night in Afghanistan when a truck full of explosives blasted. The strange fact about this event was it was the day when America promised to leave Afghanistan in the Doha agreement in Feb 2020.   The blast was so extreme that it caused the roof to collapse while rescuers searched for the survivors.

The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani expressed his grief and said, “Those who are responsible for this massive killing of the Muslim people of Afghanistan are against God and against the people.” Talibans are being blamed, but there is no evidence of their involvement. Talibans are being accused because they have accepted involvement in various targeted assassinations in the past few years, including the killing of intellectuals, journalists, and eminent people of other professions.

It is worth mentioning that a February 2020 deal between US officials and the Taliban was that America will end its 20-year presence in Afghanistan by May 1. But two weeks ago, US President Joe Biden stated that America wants to extend this date till September 11, and this announcement enraged the Taliban. As a result, the Talbans warned that America will have to bear serious outcomes.    Though the implementation of Biden’s recent announcement was not transparent, the Taliban emphasized again and again that the presence of American troops in Afghanistan after May 1 will never be tolerated in any way.

The two soldiers killed were identified on Sunday as Staff Sgt. Ian Paul McLaughlin of Newport News, Virginia, and Pfc. Miguel Angel Villalon of Joliet, Illinois

According to Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid (Twitter on Saturday), “this violation in principle has opened the way” for his side’s forces “to take every counter-action it deems appropriate against the occupying forces.” On Saturday, the day after the blast, American troops started to leave Afghanistan but The  Afghan Government is still putting the blame on Islamism groups.

Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan’s national security adviser, said on Saturday, “These 27 killed people were preparing for the university entrance exam when the Taliban attacked them. For the Taliban, every single Afghan is a target.”

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