The Life And Challenges Of UFC Fighter Ray Borg A Look Back At His Career

Ray Borg with his son photo curtsey of MMA Junkie

MMA is a brutal and unforgiving sport, and perhaps, no one can tell you that better than Ray Borg. Over the recent years, the UFC flyweight has had a spree of terrible luck. It all started in 2016, at UFC 203. Borg had a fight scheduled against Ian McCall. However, he got sick during the fight camp and had to pull out. His next fight was scheduled at UFC 207, and though Borg won that fight, he missed weight by 3.5 pounds and had to forfeit 30% of his earnings from the fight.

Ray Borg won his next fight, beating Jussier Formiga, and was given the title shot against Demetrious Johnson. It seemed that things would get better, but during the fight week, after a complete training camp, Borg got sick a day before the weigh-ins and missed the opportunity. Many people said his illness was the result of a rough weight cut. After a month, the fight against Johnson was rescheduled.

However, unfortunately, Borg lost the fight in the last round after a tough fight.
Following this fight, Ray Borg stayed inactive for almost 8 months, with no source of income other than what he had made from his fights. Finally, at UFC 223, he was set to return to the cage. However, he didn’t know he’d have to face the craziest fight week in the history of the UFC.

Jul 20, 2019; San Antonio, TX, USA; Ray Borg (red gloves) fights Gabriel Silva (blue gloves) during UFC Fight Night at AT&T Center. Borg won by unanimous decision, Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC 223 fight week is notorious because of the Conor McGregor dolly incident. Mcgregor and his posse attacked the UFC fighter transport bus in the Barclays Center, trying to get to his rival Khabib. Ray Borg was also on this bus, and when Connor threw the dollar at it, the glass broke. Unfortunately, some shards went into Ray Borg’s eye. As a result, Borg has to pull out of the fight after another complete fight camp. In 2018, Ray Borg also had a son. However, to make matters worse, he was born with a genetic condition known as hydrocephalus. Borg’s next fight was scheduled a month later after the incident. However, his son needed surgery, and he had to pull out again.

Things didn’t seem to get any better for Borg after that; his next fight was scheduled against Joseph Benavidez at the UFC’s 25th-anniversary show in Denver. This was a high-profile fight, which could have been notable for Borg and his career. However, Borg got injured during training camp and had to pull out of the fight.

All this time, Borg had to pay for his child’s surgery, spend money on his training camps, and couldn’t get a fight to make any more money. Things appeared worse financially. Because of his weight cut issues, Borg moved up a division and was set for a fight, but his opponent pulled out this time. He got a short-notice opponent, but he also pulled out during the fight week. Finally, Casey Kenny took the fight, but to everyone’s shock, Borg missed weight again and lost 20 percent of his fight purse.

It was later revealed that Borg slipped and hit his head on the bathtub while cutting weight, which was why he couldn’t make weight. However, Borg still got to fight and had an admirable performance; he lost a split decision. Since then, Borg has won two of his next three fights. His son is healthy, and things seem to be getting better.


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