The police identified suspects in the death of rapper Sidhu Moose Wala

by spicyray
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idhu Moose Wala was a controversial rapper from India who produced a series of songs that resonated with many fans, especially his last track, The Last Ride, released in May, where more than 10 million people have viewed it on YouTube.

The rapper’s name was Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, and in May of this year, the 28-year-old singer was killed.  According to reports, the late artist was driving to his village in the Indian state of Punjab when unidentified people fired shots that instantly killed the lyricist.  

According to Punjab police on Thursday, they released information that identified four shooters. Local authorities have named Priyawarat of Sonepat, Ankit, Manu Kusa of Moga, and Jagroop Roopa of Amritsar as the trigger men.   Although authorities have released their names, the men have yet to be arrested. 

On Wednesday of this week, members of the Anti-Gangster Task Force and a five-member Special Task Force (STF) questioned alleged gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, in which Bishnoi was believed to have said he had no involvement in the killing, but rather that members of his gang led by Canada-based Goldy Brar might have connections.


Police received a tip that the men (Priyawarat, Ankit, Manu Kusa, and Jagroop Roopa) allegedly hide the guns near the Punjab and Haryana border after the homicide.  As of this writing, the Punjab Police are conducting further investigation.

After Sidhu Moose Wala’s death, India’s state police had attributed the killing to gangsters located in Canada.  However, at that time, the slaying rapper’s family claimed police provided false information, and the family blamed law enforcement for what they felt was their inability to perform their jobs. 

Supporters and fans of the singer took to the streets in defiance, prompting government officials to urge order and calmness.  The artist had officially been on the music scene for four years.  And based on his lyrical appeal and persona, he became a sensation in the local hip-hop circuit of Punjabi.

Wala took pride in composing his own music, and in conjunction with devoted fans, the rapper had around 5 billion views on YouTube. Last year, he was among the Top 5 UK artists and Canada.

Wala earned a degree in engineering from Punjab University.  In 2016, he moved to Canada, where he released his first music, “So High.” In 2021, he attempted to run for politics, only to lose the election last year.

 But his death, the rapper received acclaim, which also led to controversy.  Many of his detractors viewed him as continuing to perpetuate gangster rap.  He was often seen holding guns while driving luxury sports cars.  His songs were laced with content that involved drugs, crime, and corruption. 


The rapper had his run-ins with the law. In May 2020, he was booked for firing an AK-47 rifle at a shooting range during the Covid lockdown.  Local police had charged him with promoting gun violence. Although he was never found guilty of crimes, the rapper’s image was art intimating reality.  

Although many of his fans took exception to this portrayal.  “He was just making sense of the chaos, whether it was corruption, violence, or the gun problem in Punjab,” one fan said. “And that contribution in itself is valuable.” Another fan told BBC Punjabi about the rapper. “His simple and colloquial style of writing made it easy to understand for his audiences. Also, we loved the way he answered his critics through his songs.”

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