From Homeless to Drug Addict, to Author: The Remarkable Story of Philani Dladla

At some point, every individual has encountered a homeless person standing on the side of the road, holding signs with words written on worn-out cardboard material asking for help. Many view homeless people as entitled manipulators. While others are touched with sympathy and do all they can to offer their support From Homeless to Drug Addict.

Philani Dladla’s story came to light in 2017 when he was 24-years-old and homeless living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dladla had a passion for reading that started at the age of 11. And while he never lost sight of this, he turned to regular drug use to numb the reality of his situation at that time. He became tired of the homeless and drug lifestyle and looked for creative ways to earn money by inspiring those to read From Homeless to Drug Addict.

Dladla would stop motorists at traffic lights and spoke with them about books and their meaning while selling them at reduced costs.

He took this adventure further and developed a reader book club for underprivileged children. “I give them books on the condition that they come back and tell me what they learned from reading it,” he said during an interview. “There are some kids who take books and never come back, but I don’t let that dampen my spirit because I know there are many more who love to read and who will use books as weapons to fight poverty From Homeless to Drug Addict.”

He’s been called ‘The Pavement Bookworm’ and used the title for his book and website. In South Africa, he’s become an inspiration to many.

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