What Are the Signs of Codependency? Identifying a Codependent Person

Codependency means to prefer the needs of your partner or loved ones over your own. To put your needs and necessary tasks aside and please them. Some experts put it this way, “to forget the boundary between yourself and your loved ones.”

There are multiple complications accompanying Codependency that can lead to harmful physical and mental health. Besides, it can develop a negative relationship with your partner, making it toxic.

Why You Should Avoid Codependency

Codependency is possible in every relationship. It is necessary to draw a line between your responsibilities and your partner’s. When you are codependent, you’re unable to draw that line. You care about your partner’s feelings about your actions or what they are doing with their lives. In caring for them, you forget your own actions, feelings, well-being, and life.

It leads to an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship. That’s why you should avoid Codependency.

How Codependency Negatively Affects Your Life?

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When you are codependent, you make numerous sacrifices. Your focus is someone else’s actions, feelings, and life. You neglect your needs and desires. While trying to help your partner or loved ones, you stop helping yourself. This kind of one-sided relationship negatively affects your personal and professional life.

How To Identify Codependent People?

There is no formal test or one specific behavior that tells us that a person is Codependent. However, Mental Health America has prepared a list of behaviors that helps to identify a Codependent person.

•           Codependent people have low self-esteem

•           They become commanding and controlling

•           They seek validation from others

•           Their lives revolve around others

•           They want people to praise and recognize their efforts

•           They will over-perform and strive to stay in a relationship

•           Codependent people fear abandonment

•           They bear and ignore the abusive behavior of their partners

•           Face and bear emotional, physical, and sexual abuse

•           The relationship becomes unhealthy and toxic for both parties

Apart from these, Codependent people struggle in making decisions and often lack self-confidence and trust. They are unable to express their feelings or ask what they want. It also affects their communication skills, and they accept every blame coming their way to avoid arguments.

It can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

How To Cope With Codependency?

Codependency is sometimes termed as a “learned behavior.” Therefore, it can be reversed. You can try to identify the signs of Codependency by yourself. This way, you’ll be able to consciously unlearn this behavior and break free.

Furthermore, you can consult with a therapist. Therapists have a set of questions that help them identify the behavior of Codependency. They’ll ask you questions and try to relieve and provide suggestions and solutions.

It will help you accept that you are over-performing, contributing, and consequently promoting a toxic relationship. Your partner will lean back and get used to your behavior. It will pave the way for your physical or emotional exploitation.

You must save yourself from getting exhausted, tired, and disappointed in the end. And it is possible to break from the chains of Codependency.

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