One thing everybody has come to understand and accept is the inevitability of death. Death is a compulsory end to all living things but is death the end? In many human societies, there is a common belief that life doesn’t end at death. Still, the million-dollar question is what happens afterward? Where do the dead go, and what do they do?

Most people seem to be at a loss as to what the afterlife is and what happens there. Many thought schools have tried to explain the afterlife from their standpoint and hold their belief as accurate. The conflicting reports about the great beyond have even left some wondering if it exists.

Many people define the afterlife (also called the hereafter or the other side) in many ways. Still, in simple terms, it means life after death. It represents the experiences, feelings, and perceptions people get when they die. On the other hand, the afterlife also means where people go when they die. A place where they continue to live on that has little or no semblance with the world we all know.

Some who had died and came back to life reported some feelings and experiences they had in times past. Others had what is known as “near-death” experiences. In their experiences, they all claim to have seen different things. Some claim to have seen themselves leave their body while doctors and nurses are trying to renew them. Others claim they had seen their loved ones mourning and asking them to come back, heard a voice call out to them, seen a figure taking them around or asking them to go back, or being brought to a judgment seat. Another thing they claim is that they see their whole life flashback before their eyes. With these incoherent tales by different people, it’s still hard to pinpoint what the afterlife truly is.

Every religious person knows that life is more than what it seems. Humans and their level of consciousness is no mistake. Our achievements show a higher power at work in us. There is a Supreme Force behind a man and his existence. Take a good look around you, and you would testify that life is not born out of mere chance or luck.

Although many philosophical thoughts posit that there is a state of nothingness after death. They claim that since humans had no prior experience before birth, they would have none after death. On the flip side are the many experiences others have had which can’t be shoved aside. It’s hard to believe that all who had these experiences were wrong or these experiences were borne solely out of emotions.

Undoubtedly life is complex and can’t be understood based on philosophical thoughts and human calculations only. The earth and its current political, economic, and socio-cultural make-up is marred with many irregularities and is a far cry from what a perfect world should be. However, many governments and world organizations have tried to make the world better but keep failing. It would be out of place to believe that this chaos, injustice, and insincerity are what life has to offer. Nothing more comes afterward. If this is the case, many will live as it pleases them, knowing they wouldn’t be held accountable for their actions and inactions and wouldn’t receive any reward since there isn’t any hereafter.

The afterlife is real to many people and is where they achieve the peace, security, love, and prosperity they can’t get in this natural world. An afterlife is a place where one can get total rest from this world’s daily hustle and bustle. It’s a place where every man would be equal and not classed by status, nobility, race, or family background.

The afterlife is the hope of many people on the streets that have lost hope in this world. To some, it’s like compensation for going through the vile, corruption, and suffering that this world brings. This does not mean they are suicidal. Of course, everyone wants to live a long and fulfilled life and wants the assurance of a pleasant and blissful afterlife.

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