If you are a person that definitely loves the spotlight and likes to feel confident all the time, wearing a color that matches your skin tone, hair color, and the color of your eyes will make you stand out of the crowd! Many people do not know the exact color that makes their beauty even more visible. That’s why you are about to find out how to discover the perfect color to wear!

The guide to discovering the perfect color to wear and look fabulous

Neutral colors

The neutral colors are the ones you should be going with if you have blonde or ashy hair. Even women with brown hair can rock a look full of neutral colors and look breathtaking.

On the other hand, if your skin tone is somewhere between warm and cool, and you cannot entirely determine what kind of undertone you have- neutral colors are definitely the right choice for you. They will point out your eyes, your natural glow, and most importantly, neutral colors tend to ideally point out a bright smile!

The colors in this group are beige, pastel, soft pink, soft blue, white, khaki.

Warm colors

You should be wearing any kind of warm color if you have naturally dark brown hair. This also applies to people with dark blonde colored hair, as well as black. On top of that, if you also have a skin tone with a golden undertone that is very warm, you should know that colors such as gold, red, orange, and some other similar colors with deeper tones may suit you well.

To determine if your skin is warm or not, take a look at your wrist and look for veins. If your veins appear more greenish, you definitely have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if your veins are looking blue, you have a cold skin tone, and warm colors generally do not look good on it.

Cold colors

As we have mentioned before, if you have a skin tone with cold undertones, pastel colors might do the trick for you. They will bring out the natural shine in your eyes and point out the natural glow of your skin. Colors with a cold skin tone are soft blue, pink, and soft yellow. Try not to wear clothes with deeper, darker colors, as you might end up looking very pale!

To not look boring while wearing softer colors, make sure to add some silver or rose gold accessories. That will form a very classy and stylish look.

The psychology of colors

When choosing which color to wear, you should have in mind that the whole psychology lies behind it. For example, blue, yellow, and orange are colors that are proven to bring a happy mood. On the other hand, black stands for power, which means that you will definitely feel confident while wearing a black blazer! Red brings attention; wear it when you want everyone to look at you gasping.

Remember that you are always able to wear any kind of color you want to and the one that makes you feel confident enough! Fashion has no rules; wear whatever you want and whatever you feel comfortable in!

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