Why Being Celibate Might Not Be So Bad

Our attitude towards Sex is one of the most prevalent changes in the past 100 years. Sex used to be such a hushed topic that is now being widely discussed, especially on social media platforms. It’s on billboards. It’s on your Instagram feed. It’s everywhere.  And in this day and age of sexual liberation, the concept of celibacy might actually seem a little bit out of place. For most people, when they think of celibacy, they usually think in terms of religious obligations, for example, a Catholic priest.  But there are a lot of reasons Why a person can decide to be celibate, and here are some:

For spiritual reasons

being celibate

Some people decide to go on the celibacy path to get more in tune. With their spirituality and propagate spiritual growth.

Ideally, people who are receiving treatment for an std aren’t supposed to be engaging in sexual activities in the first place.

For personal reasons

Sometimes, some people just decide to be celibate to focus on themselves and have a deeper introspection.

Whatever might be the reason, a person’s decision to become celibate is usually met with scrunched-up faces of disapproval from their peers. It’s as though the person has submitted themselves to the uptight, limited. And closed-minded views society used to have about sexuality. But celibacy isn’t as terrible as it’s being painted to be. Regardless of whether some consider it a form of sexual confinement, many people. Those who actually decide to be celibate have discovered that it is actually a gratifying and freeing experience.

Are there benefits of being celibate?

benefits of celibacy

The cultural shift regarding Sex has undeniably been empowering. Societies shrewd morality clause when it comes to sexual nature is not as debilitating or controlling as it was in the past. With this new sexual empowerment, it’s no wonder many people are repulsed by the idea of celibacy. Some have even gone far enough to make a wild claim like celibacy could adversely affect your health. But fortunately, none of that is true. In fact, there are actually more pros of being celibate than there are cons.

Here are six great benefits of being celibate:

benefits of celibacy | sex

1) You lower the risk of contracting an STD.

2) No unwanted pregnancies.

3) You get extra free time to spend with family and friends.

4) You can get to know your partner outside of sexual relations.

5) You reduce the amount of money you would have spent on contraceptives.

6) You get to use the extra time for self-reflection and analysis.


There are so many great things you could gain from being celibate. Of course, it might pose difficult. Because Sex is undoubtedly a really fun activity to participate in for most people. The media and technology have played a big part in showing you just how easy it is for you “to score.” However, when you consider the plethora of benefits that are attributed to being celibate. You might come to realize that it’s not as bad or confining as you once thought.

So whatever might be your reason for considering being celibate. No matter how long you decide to actually be celibate, do it without fear of judgment. And also, know that there’s nothing inherently wrong with the decision you’ve made. It might just be that your decision to be celibate is what you’ve needed all this while to completely transform your life. But whether or not you do decide to practice celibacy, it’s all up to you.

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