Why Emotional Neglect In A Relationship Must Not Be Ignored

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In the words of Jacob Monero, “man is a relational being “This may not be far from the truth as a need for companionship is most likely what led you into a relationship in the first place. But when your partner begins to be “emotionally unavailable,” you may find that it affects you.

Emotional neglect is simply the opposite of emotional attunement – connecting with your spouse emotionally, noticing and responding to their feelings. Sadly, this relationship anomaly is more common in today’s busy world and one of the major reasons for failed relationships. However, sometimes it is difficult to identify, hence, this article will tell you the signs of emotional neglect in a relationship.

#1. Feeling of Loneliness in a Relationship

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A relationship is meant to provide companionship as a fundamental benefit. When either you or your spouse begin to feel alone, then any of you may be neglecting the other emotionally. Sometimes, this feeling may lead you or your partner to spend more time alone and find each other’s company uninteresting.

#2. Lack of Understanding

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Less friction is usually a primary characteristic of a relationship where understanding thrives. When you and your partner begin to misinterpret each other’s actions, genuine feelings, thoughts, and intentions more often, it may be a sign of emotional neglect.

#3. Lack of Trust

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Trust is an important factor in a marital relationship. If your relationship lacks trust, it can affect the way you and your partner behave towards each other. You may start being secretive with your life plans and decisions, not willing to carry them along.

Your partner is supposed to be your best friend and confidant. Keeping important matters in your life from them and rather discussing them with a friend is not a sign of an emotionally healthy relationship.

#4. Inability to Express Your Feelings

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Another significant sign of emotional neglect is an inability to express how you feel. Hence, you may always suppress your feelings rather than share them with your spouse. For instance, you find it hard to tell your spouse that you are anxious about an upcoming presentation at work and need their reassurance. Whatever the feeling may be, you just don’t know how to communicate it to them.

#5. Lack of Physical Intimacy

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If you’ve seen a couple living together without having physical intimacy for long periods, emotional neglect may be one of the factors. Especially for the womenfolk, sex most times begins with an emotional connection.

Meanwhile, generally, most couples tend to get physically intimate during their happy moments – maybe when their spouse makes them cry with the sweetest words. Hence, when that connection is missing, intimacy may become irregular since it’s now more of a physical exercise.

All in all

Emotional neglect may just be the foundation of conflicts and separation among couples today. And, worst still it can affect one’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Therefore, check out for these signs in your relationship outrightly – it can be you neglecting your spouse’s emotional needs to the other way around. You can avoid heavier consequences by seeking appropriate solutions when you’ve identified the problem.

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