Why You Might Want An Open Relationship

open relationship

Do Open Relationships Work?

A lot of people have wondered if open relationships genuinely work in a practical setting. Of course, the idea of being able to be intimate with any one of your choice while retaining your relationship is thrilling. But is it really plausible?

A lot of therapists, counselors, and other professionals have tried to supply an answer to this question, but the fact is that subjectivity reigns. What I mean is, the chances of an open relationship working depends on the people involved. People are different and so are open relationships.

The success of an open relationship depends not only on both parties sticking to the rules but also on the emotions the couple can feel. For instance, highly jealous people are less likely to succeed in open relationships.

The answer to whether open relationships work depends solely on you and your partner.

4 Reasons Why You Might Want An Open Relationship

1. Breakup Might Be Avoided

There are so many reasons why marriages and relationships fall apart, causing separation. From dissatisfaction in the bedroom to lack of communication and cheating, relationships have been known to break for one reason or the other.

The concept of an open relationship might fix some of these issues or render them non-existent in relationships. The things your partner lacks, you can easily find in someone else, and that can sustain your relationship for the longest time.

The persistent issue of infidelity can also be solved when jealousy stops becoming an issue.

2. All Your Needs Can Be Met.

This is a good one because ideally, one person cannot meet all your needs. There are physical, psychological, and financial needs that everyone has. It is rather impossible to have all these needs met by one partner. So, being in an open relationship allows you to have a scout for individuals who have the means to give you everything you need.

Your primary partner may meet all your physical needs but is not cutting it financially, then you can find someone who has the money to balance up.

3. There is Room to Explore

Most times, sex in committed relationships can often get stale and boring, especially in relationships that have lasted for years. One of the merits of being in an open relationship is that it gives you room to explore your sexuality. There is also the chance to try out sexual practices that your primary partner is not open exloring, which is an excellent form of release.

4. The Idea Of Marriage Is Less Scary

Yes. Marriage can be scary when we think about all the work that goes in and how much our lives change when we tie the knot. There is the pressure of meeting your partner’s every need and having yours met by them too. This fear or pressure is lessened in an open relationship where there is an allowance to find succor outside the marriage confines.

Open relationships might be exciting, but don’t get it twisted, it can fail just like monogamous relationships do. While there are rules each couple makes to guide their relationship to make it work, there is no accounting for emotions.

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