Yoga Made Me Choose Peace Over Happiness

by shehani jayalath
peace over happiness

My father always told me that in life, no matter what you do, no matter what you become, if you are not happy, then there is no point. I still honestly believe in those wise words, and that is why I try to let my passions rather than societal norms guide me through my journey of life.

1. Peace Over Happiness

In 2020, I decided on something else that weighed above happiness to my life. This something else helped me when happiness was tough to find, and the past came back bruising my present. This something else is peace, and I am about to tell you my story of discovering peace.

The pandemic made me meet something extraordinary in my life. I hold it close to myself with so much gratitude. Somewhere in March 2020, I accidentally stumbled upon yoga during a hunt for stretching videos on YouTube. Initially, yoga was all about the physical benefits for me. It was an exercise routine Yoga Made Me Choose Peace.

I felt stronger, fitter, and could do body balances that I never thought I could! It was like magic! I’d always been super insecure about my strength because people used to point out how skinny my ankles were: “how do you even hold yourself upright with ankles so tiny?” While on bakasana (an arm inversion), yoga made me believe in my physical strength again: I am a strong woman, and I love my tiny ankles!

2. What Can You Do Today That You Coultn’t Do a Year Ago?

What can you do

I then came across an article about practicing yoga holistically. Yoga originated in Northern India back in 2700 B.C. Practicing yoga allows self-healing and spiritual awakening, apart from the physical benefits. Yoga provides a foundation for connecting with your inner self and mindfulness of unhealthy habits, thinking patterns, and what you are grateful for.

Although yoga is practiced with selective attention to modern times’ physical aspects, there is so much more depth and meaning to this practice. You can choose how and why you practice yoga (as an exercise, for self-growth, or both); there is no judgment with yoga, but practicing yoga holistically really connected with me, and I found it meaningful.

With more and more internal awareness, I was better able to pick-up destructive thinking patterns. For instance, I unintentionally forced myself to find the good in absolutely everything, even at tough points in my past. This toxic positivity made it hard for me to address negative emotions healthily Yoga Made Me Choose Peace Yoga Made Me Choose Peace.

3. Tried To Bury Those Emotions Deep Down

peace and happiness

I always tried to bury those emotions deep down, hoping that would make me happy. But it didn’t. Yoga helped me accept my past as it was, accept my negative emotions as they were, and just be at peace with them all: “I accept my past tough moments, they made me feel sad, but that’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay. I don’t have to bury these emotions to feel good. I can accept them, deal with them and then let them go.”

Accepting my low points motivated me to spend extra time exploring why I felt the way I did. Most of my issues stemmed from insecurity and a lack of confidence. This realization helped me feel at peace with the dreaded moments in my past, as I now had a self-growth direction. I hope I can finally bid goodbye to those challenging moments I have been holding onto, little by little.

Happiness is great, but it comes and goes. So, we need something to grasp on when things are..well..not so happy. Learning to be at peace regardless of the circumstances truly helps us deal with life in a wholesome way. Peace to me is healthy thinking patterns that help declutter our minds rather than fill us with toxicity.

4. Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Peace to me is accepting life and its moments the way they are. I accept life in its entirety – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Peace to me is acknowledging all kinds of emotions and putting in the work to heal. When things don’t go your way, or even if they do, I hope peace be upon you!

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